8 Highlights from Sir Patrick Stewart's EW Fan Q&A

Friday, 23 January 2015 - 11:34AM
Star Trek
Friday, 23 January 2015 - 11:34AM
8 Highlights from Sir Patrick Stewart's EW Fan Q&A
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The distinguished Sir Patrick Stewart did a Q&A with fans on EW's Facebook page (basically an AMA), and he was just as delightful as you've always imagined him. Here are ten highlights from his good-natured, sometimes exciting, sometimes silly Q&A:


He's willing to play Captain Picard again


When asked if he would consider returning to his iconic Star Trek role: "Absolutely...if it were a really good script. But, the poor soul is getting old and long in the tooth. He would probably need some help mounting his horse unlike the youthful captain of 30 years ago."


He wants to do a buddy comedy with real-life friend Sir Ian McKellan


When a fan asked, "Would you and bff Sir Ian McKellen ever consider teaming up onscreen for a buddy comedy? The world needs this to happen," Sir Patrick Stewart replied, "Absolutely. It's a brilliant idea. Will you write the script for us please? Which of course will have to have approval."


Why he wouldn't want to be Professor X in real life


When asked what kind of X-Men mutant he would want to be, he replied, "Certainly not a mutant that can read other's thoughts. Why would you want to know other people's thoughts? UGH." (Guys, he actually used all caps! Funniest moment of the Q&A.) "No, I would go for the mutant ability to look at a page of dialogue and memorize it instantly. I laugh as I write this because beside me here are 60 pages of script waiting to be learned."


If he had a real-life Holodeck, he would be a Formula One race car driver


When asked what he would program into a Holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation, he said, "That's easy: me driving a Formula 1 racing car in the Monoco Grad Prix and just beating Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button by a nose (mine preferably)."


The actor he most wants to work with? Jennifer Lawrence.


"I'd like to collaborate with Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's brilliant, with a great sense of humor, and quite good looking." Can't argue with any of that.


He has a perfect choice of actor to play young Picard


When asked who should play a young Picard if he's added to the reboot series, he said, "I would have to say it must be the actor, my son, Daniel Stewart."


He knows that today isn't National Pie Day


A fan asked, "Since it's National Pie Day, what is your favourite kind of pie, if any?" even though Pie Day isn't until 3/14, because you know, pi. Stewart replied, "Well, I am told it's not national pie day until March 14, Tori. But, since you asked, my favorite pie is my very own Pear Tart. My own pears from my own trees. And yes, I am a baker."


He's a class act


Honestly, I could use any of his answers as examples of him being a class act, from his discussion of his work to help sufferers of PTSD and abuse to his vast knowledge of Shakespeare. But one of my favorite answers was a reply to the question: "What life experiences helped to build your amazing world view/sense of humor?" He said, "Not to be solemn, but trying to put myself in other people's shoes. I think if we do nothing else, to further human understanding, we can achieve a lot by at least doing this: Look at the world from the other person's point of view." 

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