8 Sci-Fi Film and Television Premieres to Watch Out For in March 2015

Monday, 23 February 2015 - 6:56PM
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Monday, 23 February 2015 - 6:56PM
8 Sci-Fi Film and Television Premieres to Watch Out For in March 2015
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February has seen its share of excitement (the Super Bowl, the Oscars, the return of The Walking Dead), and its share of disappointments (Jupiter Ascending, Hot Tub Time Machine 2). But March is almost upon us, so it's time to look ahead at the films and television premieres that sci-fi fans have to look forward to next month:


Last Man on Earth - March 1



We're not entirely sure what to think about Fox's post-apocalyptic sitcom Last Man on Earth, but with Will Forte starring, producing, and writing, we think we can at least classify it as "promising." It follows Forte as Phil Miller, an average Joe-type who finds himself completely alone in the world, or so it seems. It's unclear whether he's actually the last human on Earth or literally the last man, as several women have joined the pilot, including Mad Men's January Jones and 30 Rock's Kristen Schaal.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - March 3



After the explosive season finale, which revealed (spoiler!) Skye as an up-and-coming Inhuman, we're eager to see what comes next. And judging from the above promo, they're not going to waste any time getting to Skye's superpowers and their repercussions for the rest of the group.


Chappie - March 6



If you loved District 9 and can't wait for Neill Blomkamp's Alien movie, this movie is more than worth checking out. Elysium might have let us down a little bit, but Chappie looks to be a return to form for Blomkamp, as it's telling a smaller, more intimate story that will hopefully manage to explore some lofty themes while hitting us in the gut with sentiment.


The Returned - March 9



The Returned (Les Revenants) is a French series that has been wildly acclaimed ever since the first series aired in 2012, and three years later, it's finally coming back for round two. It follows a small town whose equilibrium is destroyed when several people who died years before mysteriously return to their families, the same age they were when they passed away. By all accounts, it's something of an anti-zombie show, with the primary focus on the relationships between the characters.


It Follows - March 13



Not many people have heard of this film, but hopefully that will change soon, because it's a nearly perfect little horror movie. It skillfully takes a potentially ridiculous premise- a sexually transmitted haunting- and turns it into a poignant metaphor for everything from the AIDS crisis to coming of age to the Oedipus complex, depending on how you want to interpret it. Plus, it's just plain scary, which is less and less common in horror movies nowadays.


The Divergent Series: Insurgent - March 20



The first Divergent film was somewhat underwhelming, earning an honorable mention on our list of the worst sci-fi films of 2014. But in spite of the derivative mythology and hole-riddled plot, it was eminently watchable due to Shailene Woodley's impressively nuanced performance and the chemistry between the two romantic leads. If Insurgent can only replicate that dynamic, it should make for a perfectly serviceable guilty pleasure.


Home - March 27



Based on the acclaimed children's book, The True Meaning of Smekday, Home follows a naively optimistic alien race who wants to colonize Earth. They begin to "help" humanity by relocating them to a desert planet, but a teenage girl eludes capture and is tasked with rescuing the human race. It also stars Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Parsons, and Steve Martin, which could be a draw or a detraction depending on who you are, I guess.


White God - March 27



Honestly, we have no idea whether this film can be classified as sci-fi, but it's so bonkers it could really be almost anything. A Hungarian drama that first premiered at Cannes, the film follows a dog who is separated from his young owner and joins a rebellious group of dogs that aims to mutiny against their human oppressors. It was extremely well-received, and was ultimately picked as Hungary's submission for the Academy Awards' Foreign Language Film category.

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