What to Read in June: New Releases in Science Fiction

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 - 1:51PM
Old Man's War
The Expanse
Wednesday, 03 June 2015 - 1:51PM
What to Read in June: New Releases in Science Fiction
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June is shaping up to be a huge month for sci-fi readers. This month will see the release of new installments of Old Man's War and The Expanse, as well as a new sci-fi novel from fantasy author Terry Pratchett and the annual collection of military sci-fi and space opera short stories. Here are our top picks for what to read in June, followed by a full list of sci-fi novels coming your way from major publishers:

Blood of the Cosmos (The Saga of Shadows #2) by Kevin J. Anderson - June 2

An epic space opera of the titanic conflict of several galactic civilizations against a life-destroying force of shadows, a dark cosmic force that has swept through the undercurrents of the human interstellar empire. The humans and Ildirans, having narrowly escaped annihilation at the hands of the Shana Rei and their robot allies in Book One, are desperate to find a way to combat the black cloud of antimatter of the Shana Rei. The mysterious alien Gardeners, who had helped them previously, turn out to be a disaster in disguise and because of them, the world tree forests are again in danger. The allies believing they have found a way to stop their dreaded enemies, a new weapon is tested, but it's a horrible failure, throwing the human race and its allies to the brink of extinction.

Nemesis Games (Expanse #5) by James S.A. Corey - June 2

A thousand worlds have opened, and the greatest land rush in human history has begun. As wave after wave of colonists leave, the power structures of the old solar system begin to buckle. Ships are disappearing without a trace. Private armies are being secretly formed. The sole remaining protomolecule sample is stolen. Terrorist attacks previously considered impossible bring the inner planets to their knees. The sins of the past are returning to exact a terrible price. And as a new human order is struggling to be born in blood and fire, James Holden and the crew of the Rocinante must struggle to survive and get back to the only home they have left.

The Year's Best Military SF & Space Opera, edited by David Drake and David Afsharirad - June 2

The Year's Best of Military and Adventure Science Fiction Stories. Book One of a new Series featuring the best stories of the year from the top magazine and online venues with a military and adventure science fiction theme. PLUS: Interactive Reader Voting. The collection will contain one story chosen via online voting from readers. The award will be presented at a major science fiction convention in Summer 2015. With an introduction by best-selling military science fiction author David Drake and selected by editor David Afsharirad from the top short story markets in the field.

Slow Bullets by Alastair Reynolds - June 9

A vast conflict, one that has encompassed hundreds of worlds and solar systems, appears to be finally at an end. A conscripted soldier is beginning to consider her life after the war and the family she has left behind. But for Scur, and for humanity, peace is not to be. On the brink of the ceasefire, Scur is captured by a renegade war criminal, and left for dead in the ruins of a bunker. She revives aboard a prisoner transport vessel. Something has gone terribly wrong with the ship. Passengers, combatants from both sides of the war, are waking up from hibernation far too soon. Their memories, embedded in bullets, are the only links to a world which is no longer recognizable. And Scur will be reacquainted with her old enemy, but with much higher stakes than just her own life.

The End of All Things: The Life of the Mind (Old Man's War #6) by John Scalzi - June 9

A down-on-his-luck Colonial Union starship pilot finds himself pressed into serving a harsh master-in a mission against the CU. But his kidnappers may have underestimated his knowledge of the ship that they have, quite literally, bound him to piloting. (Digital serial edition to be issued in weekly episodes; print and full digital edition release Aug. 11; audio release Sept. 22.)

Hunters in the Dark (Halo #15) by Peter David - June 16

It is 2555, more than two years after the Master Chief went missing-in-action following a decisive conflict on Installation 00, the massive, extragalactic Forerunner construct known as the Ark, as part of the final chapter in humanity's bloody thirty-year struggle against the forces of the Covenant. As a tenuous peace exists between the humans and the Elites, a startling scientific discovery is made, and the riddle behind its Forerunner origins could very well seal the fate of the entire galaxy within a matter of weeks. In order to unravel these dangerous secrets, a heroic, hastily formed coalition of humans and Elites must attempt to overcome their differences as they embark on a covert mission back to the Ark, an astonishing, enigmatic place beyond comprehension from which few have returned and where mortal danger awaits them all.

The Long Utopia (The Long Earth #4) by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter - June 23

2045-2059. Human society continues to evolve on Datum Earth, its battered and weary origin planet, as the spread of humanity progresses throughout the many Earths beyond. Lobsang, now an elderly and complex AI, suffers a breakdown, and disguised as a human attempts to live a "normal" life on one of the millions of Long Earth worlds. His old friend, Joshua, now in his fifties, searches for his father and discovers a heretofore unknown family history. The super-intelligent post-humans known as "the Next" continue to adapt to life among "lesser" humans. An alarming new challenge looms. An alien planet has somehow become "entangled" with one of the Long Earth worlds and, as Lobsang and Joshua learn, its denizens intend to capture, conquer, and colonize the new universe, the Long Earth, they have inadvertently discovered.

Artemis Invaded (Artemis Awakened #2) by Jane Lindskold - June 30

Stranded archaeologist Griffin is determined to make his way back to his home world with news of the Artemis discovery. He and his gene-modified native companion, the huntress Adara, and her psyche-linked puma Sand Shadow, set out to find another repository of the ancient technology in the hope that somehow Griffin will be able to contact his orbiting ship. In the midst of this, Adara wrestles with her complex feelings for Griffin, and with the consequences of her and Sand Shadow's new bond with the planet Artemis. Focused on his own goals, Griffin is unaware that his arrival on Artemis has created unexpected consequences for those he is coming to hold dear. Unwittingly, he has left a trail, and Artemis is about to be invaded.

(R)evolution (Phoenix Horizon #1) by P.J. Manney - June 1
Deadly Design by Debra Dockter - June 2
Nova (Nova #1) by Margaret Fortune - June 2
The Fold by Peter Clines - June 2
Dark Run by Mike Brooks - June 4
Atlas 3 (Atlas #3) by Isaac Hooke - June 9
Crash (The Game #3) by Eve Silver - June 9
Mindwalker (Mindwalker #1) by A.J. Steiger - June 9
No Harm Can Come to a Good Man by James Smythe - June 9
Belt Three by John Ayliff - June 18
Brothers in Valor (Man of War #3) by H. Paul Honsinger - June 30
Linesman by S.K. Dunstall - June 30
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