Who’s Who in the All New, All Different Marvel Universe?

Saturday, 06 June 2015 - 1:43PM
Saturday, 06 June 2015 - 1:43PM
Who’s Who in the All New, All Different Marvel Universe?
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While we don't yet know the outcome of Marvel Comic's universe-shattering Secret Wars event, we're starting to get some clues as to who survives the chaos.

"This is the Marvel Universe," said Axel Alonso, Marvel's Editor In Chief. "This fall, we will be inviting readers into a universe comprised of bold new landscapes populated with characters and teams both familiar and brand-new."

Marvel has so far released two images touting an "all new, all different Marvel Universe", but who does it include? Details may be thin on the ground, but there was a lot to take in from those two character line-ups. One thing that most of us expected from the shake-up was a comic book universe that was far more in sync with the MCU than its predecessor, and it certainly seems as though Marvel have delivered, but there are a few big, BIG surprises in store. Here's who we can confirm so far....

Marvel's All-New All-Different Universe

Iron Man

Front in center in both images is Iron Man, suggesting that Tony Stark will play a big role in the new Marvel Universe. We have now learnt that Marvel want Iron Man to be their flagship character for the new universe, a point that has been reinforced with the announcement that Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez will be bringing us a new 'Invincible Iron Man' series as part of the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe. This is no surprise considering that he's the most popular character from Marvel's movies, and the suspected point of the reboot is to give movie fans an easy entry point into the comics. "We're going to make a concerted effort with 'All-New All-Different Marvel' to make Iron Man the forefront of the comic books' universe as it is elsewhere." said Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing, Tom Brevoort. And that just about says everything you need to know.

Spider-man (Peter Parker)

Marvel's most valuable property may have been demoted from his role as figure-head of the Marvel Universe, but at least he appears to have survived the destruction. Then gain, we're assuming that it's Peter Parker in the costume. You can't be too sure these days.

Spider-man (Miles Morales)

As promised, it looks like the Ultimate Universe's popular Spidey does indeed survive to make it to the new universe. Now that he's living alongside Parker, will he have to change his name?


Just in case two Spider-Men weren't enough, here's Spider-Woman! This looks like the Jessica Drew version of the character who's seen a bit of a resurgence over the past decade, though we're still a little surprised to see her in this prime position.


Maybe they should call this the "all new, all spider" Marvel Universe. Spider-Gwen hasn't been around for very long, but people seem to dig her, so it makes sense to feature her moving forward.

Ms. Marvel

Another newish character with a rapidly growing fan base, Kamala Khan in many ways represents Marvel's future. She's a member of the Inhumans, who have a movie due out in 2019, she is the poster child for diversity in comic books as an American Muslim woman, and there are rumors that she might be getting her own TV show. The only thing that surprises us about this is that Kamala didn't get a promo image all by herself.

The Vision

Now that he's been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we expect to see plenty more of the android avenger.

Thor (Jane Foster)

Well this is somewhat surprising. It looks like Jane Foster will remain Thor after the conclusion of Secret Wars, but where is Odinson? Thor comics have been a hot property since Jane Foster took over the title, and it looks like that is set to continue into the All-New All-Different Marvel era.

Captain America (Sam Wilson)

In another shocker, it looks like Falcon will keep the shield in the new universe. So what does that mean for Steve Rogers? Steve Rogers It means he's still an old man. Looks like they're really riding this story out, universes colliding be damned.


The current Scott Lang version of the tiny hero has a movie coming out next month, you didn't think Marvel was going to forget to promote that, did you?

Black Panther

Speaking of having movies to promote, Black Panther's movie doesn't come out until 2018, but fans might as well get familiar with him now and prepare for a few more trips to Wakanda.

Agent Phil Coulson

Cross-promotions, as far as the eye can see! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't exactly blow away the execs at Disney last season, and though it's returning for season 3, the powers that be have deemed Coulson and his agents worthy enough of his own series.

Red Wolf

This certainly counts as different. Red Wolf is a very obscure Native American hero who debuted for Marvel back in 1970 and has rarely been seen since. It seems like Marvel means business with this reboot by putting this guy front and center and continuing to diversify their offering.

Marvel's All-New All-Different Universe


Matt Murdock gets a new, darker costume. Probably to go with his very dark (and very good) Netflix series.

Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme has a movie coming out next year, so obviously Marvel wants to kick up their promotion of the good doctor. They even gave him a sweet axe for good measure. We're not sure why a sorcerer needs an axe, but we're certainly not going to question the move.

Wolverine (X-23)

Wearing Wolverine's classic blue and gold X-Men costume, Wolverine's female clone appears to be continuing Marvel's recent quest to change the gender and/or race of all of their old heroes. This is a move we are big fans of, but prepare for some grumblings from the less diversity-hungry corners of Marvel fandom.

Old Man Logan

This alternate universe version of a super old Wolverine may fill the same role as Steve Rogers in mentoring his replacement. And to think just last year we had the much-ballyhooed "Death of Wolverine". Now we have two!

Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord

These two members of the Guardians of the Galaxy appear to be unchanged. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The Thing

Alert the presses, we have a Fantastic Four member sighting! Despite rumors that the Fantastic Four and the X-Men are being benched in the comics due to Fox owning their movie rights, the Thing looks like he'll have a role in the new universe... albeit as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy!


Not one, not two, but three Inhumans make the cut here! Medusa is here, looking the same as always. As is newcomer Inferno, who continues to be heavily promoted despite his derivative powers and appearance (um, the Human Torch called...he wants his identity back). Finally, there's original Inhuman's member Karnak in the hooded shirt, looking a little worse for wear. Did we mention there's an Inhuman movie coming out?

Citizen V

Villain Baron Zemo's alias and costume as a member of the Thunderbolts. We assume this means there will be a Thunderbolts title in the new universe, and while he seems like an odd choice for inclusion at first, there are rumors that Zemo will be the villain in Captain America: Civil War. So now it makes a little more sense.

Doctor Spectrum

Hold on to your hats, kids, because things get a little weirder from here on out. The sole survivor of her universe and a very rarely seen character with no glaring connections to any franchise, we admit we have no idea why she's featured here.


We guess Marvel really wants their own Superman. The sometimes good, sometimes awful Hyperion appears to be the good version that was last seen as a member of the Avengers and hails from an alternate universe. At least they're not bringing back the Sentry.

The Hulk?

While missing from the promo photos, Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso has stated that Hulk will have a new identity that isn't Bruce Banner, and that it's going to be controversial. Should we start guessing now?

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