Watch: Which Is Nerdier, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Monday, 15 June 2015 - 1:22PM
Star Wars
Star Trek
Monday, 15 June 2015 - 1:22PM
Watch: Which Is Nerdier, Star Wars or Star Trek?
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College Humor just took on the great debate: Star Wars versus Star Trek. Although the video is called "Which is nerdier," it's actually just Darth Vader and Captain Picard arguing about the relative merits of each franchise, which makes the video itself a thousand times nerdier:

"I'm a Sith Lord, and you're a bald guy in pajamas." +1 Star Wars

"So in order to wield a lightsaber you have to be MAGIC then? That's dumb." +1 Star Trek

"Oh, okay, the Force is dumb, but you beaming people all over the place isn't." +1 Star Wars

"It's science! We convert humans into energy patterns using a process called..." +1 Star Trek

"Bullshit pseudoscience. I feel like I'm in science class but I'm getting dumber." +1 Star Wars

"You want to talk about pseudoscience? Midichlorians, then!" +1 Star Trek

"The Galactic senate then!" +1 Star Trek

"Doesn't count, doesn't count, doesn't count!" ...

"Only the Clone Wars cartoon and the original three movies count. Except for the Ewoks. They're dumb." -1 Star Wars

"Hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Star Trek 5." +1 Star Wars

"We don't speak of the odd-numbered Star Trek movies." -1 Star Trek

"Your simple shoot-em-up mind just can't handle these complex nuances!" +1 Star Trek

"Yeah, your stuff is so nuanced. 1) Be nice to data. 2) Don't be racist to aliens. There. I solved Star Trek." +1 Star Wars

"It's much more intelligent than your Dark Side/Light Side nonsense. Star Wars is like Philosophy for Children!" +1 Star Trek

"Your special effects are lame." +1 Star Wars

Star Trek: +5
Star Wars: +5

Unfortunately, this video won't solve the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate, as the two franchises ultimately come out even. Predictable for a nerd debate so contentious that it actually has its own Wikipedia page.

Via Nerd Approved.
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