8 Spider-Man/John Hughes Mash-Up Movies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 - 4:53PM
Tuesday, 30 June 2015 - 4:53PM
8 Spider-Man/John Hughes Mash-Up Movies You Didn’t Know You Needed
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When we heard Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige's recent proclamation that "Spider-Man film will be a 'John Hughes' movie" we got pretty excited. John Hughes mixed with Spider-Man? What's not to love? Of course, Feige was merely suggesting that Marvel's Spider-Man would be a spiritual sibling to John Hughes's classic coming of age stories, but it did get us thinking. Spider-Man's high school experiences could add a certain flair  So here are some potential directions the new film could go. The ball's in your court, Feige.

Spider-Man Home Alone

Alone A young Peter Parker gets his first taste of crimefighting when his parents leave him home alone in their Chicagoland home over Christmas and he faces off against some wacky burglars. Peter learns that doing whatever a spider can is pretty helpful when taking on bad guys, but not as helpful as paint cans thrown from the top of a staircase.

Spider-Man Club

After Spidey finds himself in Saturday detention with a nerd, a princess, a jock, and a criminal, he learns that all of them are more similar than they first realized. Can Spidey's weird web-slinging ways bring this rag-tag group of misfits together? You'll have to watch it to find out, but we like to think that it ends with Peter Parker and John Bender walking across the football field pumping their fists to a Simple Minds backing track.  

Spider-Man's Day Off

What does Spider-Man do when he plays hookie from saving the world? Obviously he steals his friend's dad's Ferrari and gets into all sorts of shenanigans. Spider-Man finds out that with great power comes great responsibility, but that great responsibility can also be easily pushed aside in favor of a good time. Plus, Spidey's web powers really could have come in handy when Cameron's Dad's car went through that window.

Planes, Trains, and Web-Shooters

It's Thanksgiving and straight-laced Spider-Man might not make it home in time for the holiday. So what choice does he have but to team up with an annoying shower curtain ring salesman (we're thinking this could be Clint Barton)? Will this duo be the crime fighting saviors the world needs, or will they simply get on each other's nerves a lot before becoming best friends?

Uncle Spider-Man

After saving the world gets old, Spider-Man has regressed into an out of work slob, but when his upper middle class brother has to leave town, it's up to unqualified Uncle Spider-Man to watch his kids. Spidey discovers that being a parent can be more challenging than defeating the villainous Carnage, and he gets the chance to do both in this confusing romp. He also cooks a giant pancake and flips it with a snow shovel.

Weird Spider-Man Science

A couple of dorky teens set out to make the perfect woman using a 1985 Macintosh computer and they end up making... The Amazing Spider-Man? Will their new creation make all of their dreams come true, or just help them out with bullies? This could be a nice way of introducing Mr. Parker to the trials and tribulations of life at High School before he winds up returning to school to become the new gym teacher.

Avengers' Vacation

What could be better than Spider-Man driving the Avengers family cross-country to visit Disneyland? This version of the classic road trip tale eschews the idea that getting there is half the fun and instead spends nearly two hours showcasing what a blast Spidey and the fam have at the Happiest Place on Earth. Bruce Banner Hulks out when someone cuts in line, Iron Man doesn't get past the metal detectors at security, and Thor spends far too long trying on mouse ear hats at the Disney store. Did we mention that Disney owns Marvel?

The Amazing Sixteen Candles

It's Peter Parker's sixteenth birthday... too bad nobody seems to care. As if that wasn't bad enough, Peter also has a crush on the most popular guy in school... too bad he doesn't know he exists. And just because we're gluttons for punishment, Peter also has to fend off advances from the biggest geek in school... too bad he's such a loser. If only there was a way for all of these plot points to tie up nicely over sixteen candles? Spider powers could help, probably. They always do, right?
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