San Diego Comic Con: Vertigo Announces Huge Slate of 12 New Comics

Thursday, 09 July 2015 - 11:49PM
DC Comics
Thursday, 09 July 2015 - 11:49PM
San Diego Comic Con: Vertigo Announces Huge Slate of 12 New Comics
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At their Vertigo: What's the Story? panel at San Diego Comic Con this Thursday, DC Comics' darker imprint announced that each month from October through December, they will release four brand new series of comics. The panel, which featured some of the creative minds behind these new titles, was also able to offer some insight into what their new stories are and what they're all about. And while Vertigo is known for putting out darker, grittier comics, it's great to see that there's really a little bit of something for everyone in the new lineup. Here's what readers can look forward to:

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"This is a groundbreaking rollout for Vertigo and all 12 new titles represent the imprint at its core: smart and irreverent stories that will take you someplace stranger," said Shelly Bond, executive editor of Vertigo. "I can't be more excited about the diversity of projects and creative teams we have lined up, from Vertigo veterans to a powerhouse of new voices and rising art stars."
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Here's what Vertigo has in store for this huge expansion.


In October, Vertigo will be releasing a 4 issue mini series called "The Twilight Children," as well as "Survivor's Club," a title that imagines what would happen if the children from all the "80's horror movies" lived to tell the tales of what they had been through. "Clean Room," a psychological horror book written by Gail Simone featuring a female exorcist as the protagonist will also hit shelves in this month. Finally, "Art Ops" will be released, a title that was promised to be Vertigo's next big team-up series about secret operatives that free artwork from their "prisons." For instance, the cover for this comic featured Mona Lisa alive and free from the restrictions of her painting.


During their second month of new series releases, "Unfollow," a political thriller, will hit the shelves along with "Slash and Burn" - a story about a pyromaniac who battles with her addiction by becoming a fire fighter. "Jacked," a new six issue miniseries, will take a look at addiction, as it follows a man who orders habit forming pills that give him super strength off of the internet. Vertigo will also be releasing "Red Thorn," a comic that incorporates Scottish mythology and follows a demigod named Thorn who seeks revenge after being imprisoned for eons. This tile was also promised to "fill the void" for the readers of Fables, as it was also confirmed without a doubt during the panel in a video message from Bill Willingham that the award winning series would come to an end after its 150th issue.


In their last month of new releases, Vertigo will release "The Sheriff of Baghdad," a crime series set in the Middle East which features a tale of murder and who is responsible for solving it. "New Romancer," another new title scheduled to be released in December, is said to be lighter in tone than most other titles published by Vertigo. Shelley Bond, Vertigo's Executive Editor called this new book "a rom-com". It features the story of a young coder who designs a romance algorithm based on the writings of Lord Byron. Things don't go according to plan, and this algorithm accidentally brings Lord Byron to life. "Last Gang in Town," a comic about sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, is also set for a December release along with "Lucifer," which will focus on the Neil Gaiman character who you might remember is set to have his own show on Fox not long from now.

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