9 Highlights from the Heroes Reborn Hall H Panel at SDCC

Sunday, 12 July 2015 - 7:18PM
Heroes Reborn
San Diego Comic Con
Sunday, 12 July 2015 - 7:18PM
9 Highlights from the Heroes Reborn Hall H Panel at SDCC
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The Heroes Reborn panel at SDCC was much more exciting than we expected, with lots of footage reveals, superhero names, and the surprise appearance of a certain fan favorite from the original series. Here are the highlights, vaguely in order from least to most exciting:

The entry music

And just the sense of fun in general. The cast members were high-fiving each other as they walked in, and everyone was getting so pumped with the guitar riff playing in the background. Why don't they do that at every panel?

Greg Grunberg moderates

Greg Grunberg is generally an underrated human. Tim Kring ribbed him before bringing him onstage, reading all of his most embarrassing IMDB credits. "You may know him as 'Nightclub Host' in Batwatch..." But when he finally came out to take the podium, he got a HUGE round of applause, bigger than most of the other cast members. I hope at least some of the people screaming loved him from Alias.

Heroes Reborn won't throw out any of the Expanded Universe

Tim Kring assured fans that he won't be pulling a Star Wars on them: "The canon of the show remains intact... We're not deviating from anything. We really want to reward people for sitting through so many episodes."

Masi Oka's superhero name is Bad-Ass Fucking Cronos

Zachary Levi's was Benedict Cumberbatch, while Rya Kihlstedt's was "Super Vagina." Greg Grunberg replies, "That was my nickname in high school!" Aw.

We'll find out what happened to non-returning characters from the original series

When asked if we would find out the fates of characters who are not returning for the reboot, such as Claire, Sylar, or Peter Petrelli, Kring said, "By episode 13, you'll have a big chunk of that answered for you." 

I'm especially interested to know where Claire is in all of this, as the digital prequel really makes her lack of a presence felt. Speaking of...

First full episode of Dark Matters

The digital prequel for Heroes Reborn wasn't really on our radar, but it was actually fairly interesting. It gives necessary backstory that will be a throwback for fans of the original series, as Claire's revelation of her powers in the final episode inspired "Evos" (evolved humans) from all over the world to share their powers in "My name in [insert name here], and this is my first attempt" videos. At first, the Evos were revered (hence the name), but fear, bigotry, and eventually genocide forced them into hiding by the time Heroes Reborn begins. 

The main character of Dark Matters, who can manipulate her own shadow and "steal light," reveals her powers just as the attitude towards Evos is changing, and she gets drawn into a conspiracy and systematized dehumanizing practices concerning the superhumans. And considering that Aislinn Paul, who plays the main character, is not a regular (although her brother is), we can guess that her fate will not be a pleasant one.

Masi Oka surprises Hall H

Everyone was ecstatic to see Hiro Nakamura in the flesh. It was even more surprising as a result of the panel's fake-out; they put a message from Masi Oka on the projector because he "couldn't be there today," only to bring him onstage a few seconds later. 

New extended trailer

The new trailer not only shows off all the returning cast members, as well as sci-fi favorites like Zachary Levi and Dylan Bruce, but it also emphasizes the theme of prejudice that was introduced in Dark Matters. Heroes was a groundbreaking series, and the premise of ordinary people discovering extraordinary powers was an elegant one. But if Heroes Reborn can use the mythology to explore real-life prejudice, it has a chance at not feeling like a perfunctory sequel. 

New clip of Hiro acting like Darth Maul

Yes, I know, Darth Maul never lopped anyone's arms off, but Masi Oka made the comparison, not me. And he does act like a bad-ass, saving Mohinder from the clutches of a Hydra-like captor. He cuts the man's arms off and stabs him with both of his swords, but he just won't die, as he regenerates into three copies of himself. The clip was awesome, but unfortunately it hasn't come online yet. For a full breakdown of the footage, check out our Comic Con live blog.
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