The Biggest Moments of San Diego Comic Con 2015

Sunday, 12 July 2015 - 7:57PM
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San Diego Comic Con
Sunday, 12 July 2015 - 7:57PM
The Biggest Moments of San Diego Comic Con 2015
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The lights have gone down on yet another San Diego Comic Con, and once again the annual celebration of all things geek has dominated headlines around the world. And with big name celebrities and geek icons like Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence, and Harrison Ford on site promoting movies like Batman v Superman, and The Hunger Games, it's not hard to see where all the buzz from. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Reaching mind-boggling lengths, the line for Hall H is always a winding testament to the strength of the human spirit, but at no point this weekend was it bigger than in the build up to Warner Bros.' Saturday morning panel. With Marvel not presenting at Comic Con's 'Big House', DC Comics was expected to steal the headlines with their preview of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And while there wasn't much in the way of news to emerge from the panel, the trailer (which is what everyone was waiting for anyway) received a rapturous reception when it aired on the big screen, all but confirming its potential for some huge box-office numbers when it's released next year.

Zack Snyder Arrives in Style

Not content with his movie, Batman v Superman making most of the headlines this weekend, Zack Snyder caused a few waves of his own with his arrival at the San Diego Convention Center on Friday night. In true DC Comics style, Snyder was spotted by those in the Hall H line cruising along in Batman's transport of choice, the Batmobile. 

Deadpool - R-rated Everything

We had been promised that Deadpool would be an R-rated movie, but we weren't expecting an R-rated panel as well. From the very first moment Ryan Reynolds took to the stage, the 6,500 fans packed into Hall H whipped themselves into a frenzy, but it wasn't until T.J Miller showed up that things took a turn for the blue. With a series of brilliantly crude exchanges with Reynolds and panel moderator Chris Hardwick, Miller had parents of young comic book fans reaching for the 'ear muffs' and others reaching for their sides.

The footage from the movie that aired on the big screen more than matched the panel's R rating, and by the time it was finished all 6,500 fans in the room were on their feet delivering rapturous applause and chants of "We Want More!". It was one of those moments, one of those panels that will likely go down be remembered by Comic Con veterans for years to come.

The Biggest Superhero Selfie Ever

Remember that famous 'Oscars Selfie' from 2014? Well, that's got nothing on the selfie taken on the Hall H stage at the conclusion of 20th Century Fox's panel on Saturday. Containing over 20 superhero actors from Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Fantastic Four, this may be the greatest and geekiest selfie ever captured. It even has a cameo from Marvel's very own Stan Lee.

The Surprise Star Wars Concert

Before Comic Con had even started, LucasFilm had already confirmed they would not be bringing any new trailers or clips to their Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel, leaving fans to speculate about just what was in store for them on Friday night. After bringing just about every single Star Wars cast member onto the stage for an in-depth discussion about the movie, JJ Abrams produced one of those Hall H moments that almost makes the hours of waiting in line feel worth it. 

At the conclusion of the panel, JJ Abrams took the mic and said ""Who wants to go see a live Star Wars concert right now?", the response was understandably overwhelming and, much to the supposed annoyance of Kevin Smith who was next up on the Hall H stage, thousands of fans were escorted out of the building by a squad of First Order Stormtroopers. Each fan was then gifted their very own lightsaber before being treated to an evening of John Williams Star Wars tunes and a spectacular fireworks display. Star Wars really knows how to do Comic Con.

JJ Abrams Delivers Donuts to the Hall H Line

In case you didn't know, the Hall H line at San Diego Comic Con can often get nightmarishly long in the build up to a big panel. By early Thursday morning, fans had already started camping out in order to secure seats for the Friday evening Star War event, seemingly undaunted by the prospect of more than 24 hours of arduous waiting. Recognizing their plight, JJ Abrams dispatched a series of Comic Con staffers to hand out hundreds of donuts to the hardy masses camped out beneath the Hall H chute tents, and in doing so cemented his status as a class act, a status that began with his distributing of pizza at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year.

Suicide Squad and Jared Leto's Laugh

Suicide Squad's section of the Warner Bros. panel was short, but definitely sweet. Director David Ayer emerged on stage to throw down a few shades at Marvel before introducing the world premiere of the first footage of his upcoming movie. Dark, twisted, and profoundly different to any other comic book movie we've seen before, the footage ended with a shot that we're fully expecting to become part of DC Comics lore. Jared Leto's Joker has been the focus of much scrutiny by DC Comics fans, but as the Oscar winning actor uttered the words "Oh, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just going to hurt you. Real bad!" any concerns those fans had were swiftly washed away. 

The Walking Dead Releases New Trailer from Season Six

The Walking Dead panel revealed the gory, exciting new trailer for season six. Tensions are running high in Alexandria after Pete's execution and Morgan's return, and the status quo will definitely be shaken up. A rift forms between Daryl and Rick, Morgan rallies the troops to unseat Rick as de facto leader, and the survivors' newfound sanctuary is threatened by an overwhelming horde of walkers. Producer and make-up artist Greg Nicotero revealed that the first episode of season six has more walkers than any other episode of the series.

Fear the Walking Dead Unveils First Full Trailer

We had seen a few short teasers from the Walking Dead spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, but the Hall H panel on Friday revealed the first full trailer. It also revealed that the show will not be pulling its punches; although it technically begins before the zombie apocalypse, the trailer promises that it won't be long before the fabric of society complete unravels.

Mythbusters' Adam Savage and Astronaut Chris Hadfield Go Incognito

Mythbuster Adam Savage is no stranger to donning disguises in order to walk the floor at Comic Con, but this year he had a partner in crime. Former ISS astronaut Chris Hadfield joined Savage for his annual masquerade, and their choice of outfit couldn't have been more on-point. And yes, that is 'The Martian' author Andy Weir standing behind them in the shot below.

"Olicity" wins MTV's Ship of the Year

Felicity has become the breakout character on Arrow, and her love story with Oliver Queen has inspired one of the most passionate sub-fandoms we've ever seen. We usually wouldn't count this as one of the biggest moments of Comic Con, but the news blew up on social media, with Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards giving personal thanks to the fans:

Liam Cunningham visits the Hall H line

He didn't have an in-world vehicle like Zack Snyder, but Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham still delighted the hapless fans in the Hall H line when he paid them a visit and took some selfies:

Arrow reveals new suit, Green Arrow, Anarky, and Mr. Terrific

The Arrow panel was a big one, as it revealed Oliver Queen's new suit for season four, as well as upcoming appearances from DC Comics characters Anarky and Mr. Terrific. It also revealed a new costume for Diggle, which may signify a new superhero identity for the character. But most significantly of all, Stephen Amell confirmed that Arrow will finally become the Green Arrow this season:

The Flash reveals Zoom, Jay Gerrick, and Wally West

Not to be outdone by its parent show, The Flash revealed that DC Comics character Zoom will be the "Big Bad" of season two. In the comics, Zoom is the third Reverse-Flash, and has the ability to control the speed at which time moves around him. As a result, he can effectively move faster than the "fastest man alive."
The producers also revealed that season two will see appearances from alternate Flashes Jay Gerrick and Wally West. Wally West is the third Flash in the comics, and is probably the most popular Flash aside from Barry Allen, while Jay Gerrick is actually the original Flash. The characters will likely be alternate versions of Barry himself, as the season finale introduced the concept of multiple universes.
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