11 Highlights from the Orphan Black SDCC Panel

Monday, 13 July 2015 - 2:21PM
Orphan Black
San Diego Comic Con
Monday, 13 July 2015 - 2:21PM
11 Highlights from the Orphan Black SDCC Panel
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Orphan Black was my favorite panel at Wondercon this year, and this panel was even better, as the wonderful Tatiana Maslany graced us with her presence. Unfortunately, the cast has just wrapped filming on season three, so intel on the upcoming season was limited, but there were still plenty of highlights, mostly because the cast is so charming and loves each other so much:

Kristian Bruun is hilarious

When asked whether he was wearing glitter during the infamous twerking scene, Kristian Bruun said that he was indeed covered in glitter, probably from Alison's crafts. He also stated that after filming that scene, he found glitter "all over my person, in places where glitter... should not necessarily be." He also found a $20 bill stuck to his butt cheek.

Later in the panel, he belatedly put two and two together and realized that Rudy making out with Krystal was technically incest. ("UGH!") The equally hilarious Retta, who was moderating the panel, said they had a "Luke-Leia thing going on."

We'll find out more about Kira's abilities in season four

John Fawcett claimed that the audience will finally get some answers as to Kira's seemingly paranormal abilities, which he characterized as key to the show's mythology. We hope against hope that she's not actually magical, and that there's a more scientific explanation that would fit in with the rest of the show, but we're excited to get some answers. 

John Fawcett's dream cosplay come to life

A fan sweetly gave the entire cast individual thank you letters, and they complimented her costume. She was dressed as Cosima in the Ukrainian garb from the opening dream sequence in the premiere, which is apparently the exact cosplay John Fawcett wanted to see at Comic Con.

It turned out she had tracked down the woman in the Ukraine who made the actual costume and had it made especially for her and sent to the U.S. The cast was incredibly moved/incredulous, as you can imagine.

Maria Doyle Kennedy on Tatiana Maslany's one flaw

Maria Doyle Kennedy said the cast was trying to think of one thing wrong with the generally flawless Tatiana Maslany, but they couldn't think of anything. But she thought of one during the panel: "Occasionally she just lets one off, she lets out a big fart,"

Tatiana's answer? "I'm particularly proud of that, I don't see that as a flaw."

Graeme Manson on creating such an LGBT-positive show

Opening quote
"We didn't want to place any character's sexuality at the forefront. No character's sexuality is more important than any other. TV is getting better at representation of sexuality, but we should be further along. We should be beyond asking or caring."
Closing quote

Clone Breakfast Club

Graeme Manson previewed the new comics prequel about Helsinki, which is coming in the fall and takes place when the clones are 17. He calls it "Clone Breakfast Club with a sick and twisted ending."

Could there be a prequel about Helena?

When asked if there will be a prequel about the European clones, such as Katya, Graeme Manson said, 

Opening quote
"We've kind of always talked about Helena's backstory. A lot. I've always wanted to see her poke that nun's eye out. While listening to Sugar, Sugar."
Closing quote

As long as Maslany still plays Helena, we're completely on board. 

Jordan Gavaris "wants Tony back"

When asked what he wanted to see in upcoming seasons of Orphan Black, Gavaris said he "wants Tony back" and "would really like to explore that" *wink wink*. The sexual relationship is a little incestuous, but if it gets Tony back, we're on board. 

The Blooper Reel

They're all adorable. That's all.

The producers on whether Delphine is really dead

"No one is safe. That being said- she's Orphan Black dead." - John Fawcett

"There's a reason it's a mystery... It's a mystery, and you just have to go with it." - Graeme Manson

Okay, so that's not really an answer. But at least it leaves room for ambiguity, and the legions of Cophine shippers out there can soldier on. 

The parody videos

We've been saying all along that Donnie and Alison are basically on their own genre-bending show, for better and for worse, and now we have the parody videos to prove it:

The horror spoof is definitely the funniest one, especially the "from the makers of 'The Twerkening' and 'Die, Ainsley, Die.'"
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