5 Rides We Want to See at Disney's Star Wars Land

Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 4:58PM
Star Wars
Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 4:58PM
5 Rides We Want to See at Disney's Star Wars Land
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Lots of cool news came out of this year's D23 expo. There was the cast reveal for Star Wars: Rogue One, debut footage from Captain America: Civil War, and the unveiling of plans for Disney's new animated take on Jack and the Beanstalk, Gigantic. But the coolest news of all had to be the news that both California's Disneyland and Florida's Walt Disney World will be getting a Star Wars Land expansion sometime in the future.

Both lands will be a massive 14 acres and will feature two flagship rides: A Millennium Falcon simulator and some kind of battle against the Empire. And there will be an alien staffed cantina, naturally. While these all sound awesome, there's definitely room for plenty more rides, so here are 5 we'd like to see.

Death Star Destruction


It's probably the most epic scene in the entire series, so the destruction of the Death Star pretty much has to be included in the park. This could be a physical rollercoaster-like ride that takes you through a space battle ending with the Death Star exploding, or a 3D simulation similar to what we expect from the Millennium Falcon ride. We don't really care how they do it, as long as they do it.

Jedi Training

Virtual reality and augmented reality are only going to get bigger as the technology progresses, so how cool would it be to implement these resources into a Jedi training program? You could use the force, wield a lightsaber - basically do anything a Jedi can do, and feel like you're doing it for real.

Ride a Tauntaun

Disney's Imagineers would have their work cut out for them in figuring out how to make a giant, bipedal robot give riders a true animal-like experience. But if anyone can do it, it's them. We'd love to explore Hoth on the back of one of these beasts, as long as we don't have to crawl inside one at any point.

Pod Racers

Let's be honest, the fewer references to the prequel movies in this theme park, the better, unless we're talking about some form of Jar Jar Binks Wack-A-Mole. Having said that, there still needs to be a pod racer ride. Pod racers look fun as hell to zip around on, and even though we'd prefer a real pod racer, we get that any iteration would probably be a simulation for "safety" reasons.

Escape the Sarlacc

This could be a 3D dark ride similar to Universal Studios old Back to the Future ride, where riders zip through the desert battling Jabba the Hut's forces as people fall into the mouth of the Sarlacc below. For the ultimate effect, at some point the ride should tip down to make riders feel as if they're going to be eaten by the Sarlacc themselves. Plus, maybe we could learn how Boba Fett survived his trip into the pit– because you know he survived it.
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