Which Characters Are Most Likely to Die in The Walking Dead Season Six?

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 - 2:26PM
The Walking Dead
Wednesday, 09 September 2015 - 2:26PM
Which Characters Are Most Likely to Die in The Walking Dead Season Six?
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Three Alexandrians were promoted to series regulars today- Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Jessie, Tovah Feldshuh, who plays Deanna Monroe, and Austin Nichols, who plays Spencer Monroe. This seems to make it more likely that the characters will become important to the show's storylines, but considering that it brings the number of regular characters on The Walking Dead to a whopping eighteen, they're probably just bringing them on to kill them off, as they are wont to do.

Regardless, a few of these eighteen regulars are likely to be trimmed off by the end of the season, but which ones? Here are our predictions for which regular characters will meet their maker this season, ranked from least to most likely.

Spoilers for the comics follow!


Rick is the protagonist as well as the emotional anchor of the show, and they likely won't think about killing him off until fans get really bored and they need to shake things up.


If Daryl dies, The Walking Dead will lose a lot of their viewership. I place him above Rick only because all this "If Daryl dies we riot" business makes me paranoid that the writers will kill him off just to spite us.


Michonne is a fan favorite in both mediums, and provides a fresh perspective that will likely keep her off the chopping block for at least a few more seasons. Plus, fans have been waiting to see her begin a romantic relationship with Rick, as they were involved in the comics and have sexual tension on the show, so they probably won't kill her off until that happens.


Although many fans hate Carl (aka Coral), he's still alive in the comics, and he's the only character who grew up in the apocalypse, which will likely lead to very interesting character development and storylines down the road.


I argued that she would likely be killed off last season, as it would have been a fitting end to her arc. But she's become too much of a fan favorite, and she survived enough fake-outs last season that she's probably safe for a while. 


Maggie is a stable presence on the show, so I can't imagine why they would kill her off unless they needed to give the only happy couple a tragic ending. But, as fans of the comics know, she's much less likely to meet an untimely end than her other half.


This show has a lot of trouble not killing off black male characters, but they may try to improve that track record with Gabriel, since he plays such a large role in the comics. Plus, they can always kill off Morgan or newcomer Heath if they get antsy.


Tara's something of a wildcard, since she doesn't have a comics counterpart and is just popular enough that her death would be sad, so she's pretty much a toss-up.


Sasha's character arc is fairly annoying, and if the first clip is any indication, it doesn't look like her reckless behavior is going to let up anytime soon, so we wouldn't be surprised if she died a stupid death this season. 


The Alexandrians are probably not long for this world, but of all of them, Aaron seems to be the most likely to stick around. He's the most interesting character, with the possible exception of Deanna, and seems to have the most potential for growth.


Morgan is definitely becoming a fan favorite, but he also seems to be central to the conflict of the upcoming season, which means there's no telling what his fate will be. We'll guess that he'll survive for now, but it's definitely not guaranteed (see: race problem). 


Deanna is loosely based on the Douglas character from the comics, but has had a very different character arc so far. She may get killed off along with the other Alexandrians in the horde attack (which will probably happen in the midseason finale), but it could go either way.


Spencer will also probably die in the horde attack, but there's a chance that he has a small enough role that they won't want to kill him off until he's been better developed. 


Jessie, on the other hand, has been developed just enough that her death would pack a punch in the midseason finale. In the comics, she is devoured by walkers along with her son after Rick amputates her arm to save Carl, and we wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened in the show.


Abraham is killed in the comics around this time by the Saviors, which provided loose inspiration for the Wolves. Plus, he recently sent out an ominous tweet that implied that either he or Eugene will meet an untimely end this season. 


But, Eugene seems slightly more likely than Abraham, since Robert Kirkman went on record stating that he regretted killing off Abraham so early, especially before he went up against Negan. The television series would be the perfect chance to rectify that mistake, so we're going to bet that his death in the comics is given to Eugene instead. 


This will depend on Negan being introduced this season, but if he is, we're almost certain that Glenn is a goner. His death at the hands of Negan and Lucille (his barbed wire-covered baseball bat) has become an iconic moment from the comics, so we doubt that they would deviate too far from it.

Plus, as much as it pains us, it's probably Glenn's time. He's undergone almost all of the development that makes sense for his character, and they can't allow him and Maggie to just be happy forever, as this is the apocalypse and everything. If Glenn dies, it will continue the trend of killing off at least one intrinsic and/or beloved character per season: Shane in season two, Lori and Andrea in season three, Hershel in season four, and Beth in season five. 

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