Industry Data Predicts Supergirl and Heroes Reborn to be This Fall's Biggest TV Hits

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 - 1:39PM
Heroes Reborn
Wednesday, 09 September 2015 - 1:39PM
Industry Data Predicts Supergirl and Heroes Reborn to be This Fall's Biggest TV Hits
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The Fall TV season is almost upon us, and with 20+ new and returning Sci-Fi shows heading to our screen between now and October, picking a winner is growing increasingly hard. However, even before these shows go on air, studio executives are able to gain a solid idea about whether or not they're sitting on the next The Flash or if they've just bundled money into the latest Constantine. Those insights come from industry research groups who are able to gauge a show's potential for success by tracking whether the public is aware of it and whether or not they intend to watch it.

That 'awareness' and 'intent to watch' data has now been gathered, giving us an idea of which shows will be the big hits of 2015 and which ones will stutter out of the blocks. As an extra data point, we've added in how many Twitter followers each official account has managed to attract. While this won't make or break a show's success, it is a good yardstick for awareness.

Future Hits

Supergirl - It turns out that a little leak can go a long way when it comes to a new Kryptonian hero. As EW suggests, the leaking of Supergirl's pilot episode didn't have anything close to the negative effect on the show's prospects that many had predicted. The show's awareness ratings are through the roof, and with a seemingly insatiable hunger for new comic book TV shows, just about everyone who has heard of it is expecting to give Supergirl a watch. Could this be 2015's version of The Flash?
Twitter Followers: 35k

Heroes Reborn - Surprised to see Heroes Reborn up here? Well, you shouldn't be. While the original Heroes show may have irked fans with its conclusion, the brand name has helped this sequel show garner some serious recognition points. Perhaps slightly more surprisingly, it would appear that the steady stream of teasers and posters, which have not given to much of the show's plot away, have done their job in intriguing the audience into wanting hoping that second time's the charm for the Heroes franchise.
Twitter Followers: 83k

Looking Good

Limitless - The TV expansion of the 2011 Bradley Cooper movie has been quietly securing some solid numbers ahead of its September 22nd release. That it is based on a relatively recent and well-known movie will surely help, but whether or not people's intent to watch will diminish when they realize Bradley Cooper isn't going to be starring in it, remains to be seen. Interestingly, this strong awareness of the show's name hasn't helped with Limitless's social media following. It's 1.8k is one of the fewest of all the new genre shows.
Twitter Followers: 1.8k

Blindspot - Securing Thor's Jamie Alexander in the leading role has really helped to boost this NBC show's chances of success. As with Heroes: Reborn, NBC poured a lot of effort into ensuring Blindspot had a big presence at San Diego Comic Con, but it's the high 'intent to view' scores that are the most impressive. Clearly the show's mysterious nature has people hoping this could be the TV version of Memento.
Twitter Followers: 9k

Ash vs Evil Dead - This show hasn't done anything spectacular in terms of awareness and intent to view among the wider public, but among geek TV viewers, Ash vs Evil Dead has some serious credibility. The fact that it's on a premium cable channel such as Starz may prevent it from securing huge numbers, but the network will no doubt be hoping that Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless can help emulate the success of Outlander from last year.
Twitter Followers: 11k


Minority Report - This is somewhat disappointing. We were hoping that if one of the movie spin-offs were to succeed this year, it would be Minority Report, not Limitless. Minority Report scored well in terms of awareness, but people puzzlingly don't seem sold on the concept with the show scoring poorly on intent to watch. Personally, I think a Minority Report show has a great deal of potential if it blends a procedural format with hard sci-fi futurological element as the Comic Con teaser footage suggests it would. Here's to hoping Fox can put some weight behind the show before it premieres on September 21st.
Twitter Followers: 2.8k
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