Which Characters Will Die in the Beginning of Gotham Season Two?

Monday, 14 September 2015 - 6:20PM
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Monday, 14 September 2015 - 6:20PM
Which Characters Will Die in the Beginning of Gotham Season Two?
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Earlier today, TV Guide's Mega Buzz reported that the second season of Gotham will open with two major character deaths:

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"One of the deaths is so sudden and unexpected, it caught us completely off-guard. The other, meanwhile, rocks an already reeling James Gordon to the core and will serve as a motivating force for him all season long."
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The description is vague, but it gives us a few clues as to which character is going to meet their maker. It would be fairly anticlimactic if at least one of these deaths weren't a regular character, and we have a pretty good idea of which characters are more dispensable than others, as well as which characters' deaths would provide Gordon with "motivation." Here are all the series regulars of Gotham (from both season one and season two) ranked in order of least likely to most likely to meet an untimely end:

Gordon, Bruce, and Penguin

TV Guide explicitly stated that Gordon would be around all season, plus he's the protagonist and hasn't become Commissioner yet. Gotham is a Batman prequel show, so they're unlikely to kill off Bruce Wayne before he finishes puberty, and Robin Lord Taylor's performance as Penguin is literally the only thing that consistently works about this show. It seems safe to say that all three characters are safe for the time being.

Riddler, Two-Face, Catwoman, Lucius Fox

Riddler, Two-Face, and Catwoman are all classic Batman villains, and so are unlikely to be killed off before they have fully embraced their villainous alter-egos. Similarly, Lucius Fox is a classic Batman ally, and was only just introduced. The writers probably know that fans would be upset if Lucius Fox were made a series regular and then only showed up for a few episodes.

Alfred Pennyworth

We absolutely love Sean Pertwee as Alfred, and we think everyone else does, too. But the fact that TV Guide was caught "off-guard" by one of the deaths makes us worried that it's a fan favorite character. Alfred is also a classic DC Comics character, so it's unlikely, but we're a little bit on edge.

Harvey Bullock

We think this would be a terrible move on the part of the writers, as Bullock's one-liners have gotten us through many a terrible episode of Gotham, but Bullock is one of the few characters who could provide "motivation" to Gordon with his death. It's much more likely to be one of Gordon's love interests, but Bullock isn't nearly as well-known a character from the comics, so he's not completely safe.

Theo Galavan, Tabitha Galavan, Nathaniel Barnes

These are new characters, so it's anyone's guess. We would predict that Theo won't die within the first few episodes, as he's poised to become this season's Big Bad, but Tabitha and Nathaniel could easily be fair game.

Barbara Kean

Everyone hates Barbara, which makes her a more likely candidate, but the writers seem really committed to seeing her arc through. Now that she's clearly not working as a viable love interest, they're making her a full-on psychopathic villain, and in the above clip are even hinting at her becoming a version of Harley Quinn. She's by far the most despised character on the show, so she can't be ruled out, but she's not a sitting duck either. 


Montoya is no longer a regular for this season, and no one really cares about her, so her prospects look grim. But then again, if no one cares about her, it's less likely that anyone would be "caught off-guard" by her death, so it's a toss-up.


Butch was made a regular for this season, but his storyline was mainly attached to Fish Mooney's, so he seems fairly disposable. There's a chance that Fish didn't actually die, but he may be more likely to die now that he's in no-man's-land.

Sarah Essen

Sarah Essen has been portrayed as generally likable, but perfectly expendable, which makes her a perfect candidate to die. Plus, her death could leave an opening for Jim to get promoted (although he gets fired in the above clip from the premiere, but we all know that can't last very long) and eventually become Commissioner. In the comics, she becomes a love interest for Gordon, so they might want to keep her on in order to fulfill that story arc, but she seems like one of the most likely options. 

Leslie Thompkins

Let's be honest, it's probably Leslie. The notion that a death will "motivate" Gordon just screams fridging, and they seem suspiciously happy in the above clip. Not only do they seem happy, but Leslie wants to leave Gotham, which is something people only say on trite TV shows when they or their loved ones are about to die. I hate to say it, because I love Morena Baccarin, but I'll bet that Leslie's a goner. 

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