Everything You Need to Know About Heroes Reborn Ahead of Tonight's Premiere

Thursday, 24 September 2015 - 3:11PM
Heroes Reborn
Thursday, 24 September 2015 - 3:11PM
Everything You Need to Know About Heroes Reborn Ahead of Tonight's Premiere
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Heroes Reborn, which is projected to be one of the fall's biggest hits, finally debuts tonight with a two-hour premiere tonight. As everyone has heard by now, the original series was amazing for one season, and then became unbearable for the three subsequent seasons, turned off even the most devoted fans, and ended with a whimper. But whether the show needed or deserved a reboot, it's happening, so here's everything you need to know before the series premiere, which airs tonight at 8pm on NBC.

The basics

Creator Tim Kring returns to revive Heroes for a 13-episode miniseries, which he characterizes as essentially the tenth season of Heroes. It's billed as an event series, so it should have a sufficient resolution and will hopefully keep the open plot threads to a minimum, but there is potential for further seasons if it performs well.

In terms of plot, the show picks up five years after Claire Bennet revealed the presence of superhumans to the world. The "Evos," or evolved humans, were admired and revered as the next step in human evolution, until a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas was blamed on the superhumans, leading to their persecution and mass murder. So basically, it's X-Men, which means it could be great or incredibly derivative.

The reviews are mixed

As is often the case, the first reviews were glowing, as initial screeners are often given to sympathetic outlets, but now that more reviews have come in, the opinion is decidedly mixed. Many writers whose opinion we trust have said that it has an enormous amount of potential, while others have written that it relies too much on nostalgia and is generally muddled. We haven't seen the pilot ourselves, so we'll be finding out which assessment is correct along with you tonight. 

Who will be back from the original series

The regular cast mostly consists of new characters, which is probably a little healthier. The anchor for fans of the original series will be Jack Coleman as HRG, the only regular returning cast member. HRG will get involved with the "truthers" who believe that there is a conspiracy surrounding the Odessa terrorist attack, and from the promotional materials, if there's a protagonist of the series, he's it.

But although HRG is the only main returning character, there are plenty of other old favorites who will play recurring roles. Mohinder Suresh is an Evo activist who was blamed for the June 13 tragedy (the truthers are called "Mohinder Suresh apologists"), and we'll also see Matt Parkman, Micah Sanders, Angela Petrelli, and the Haitian return in some capacity. But most excitingly, fan favorite Hiro Nakamura will return as an older, wiser, tougher hero wielding what looks like a samurai sword.

Who won't be back

Possible spoilers ahead! (Click to reveal)

It has been confirmed that several prominent characters won't return, most notably Claire Bennet (Hayden Pannettiere), Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia), and Tracy Strauss (Ali Larter). The former is especially surprising, considering that her actions set all of the events of Heroes Reborn in motion, but as it turns out, the seemingly unkillable cheerleader was killed in the June 13 attack.

A digital prequel series will catch you up on what happened since Heroes ended

A six-episode digital miniseries called "Dark Matters" bridges the gap between Heroes and Heroes Reborn, telling us exactly what happened since Claire revealed her powers to the world. The series follows a young girl named Phoebe Frady, who possesses the power to manipulate light and who gets involved with a shady organization after revealing her powers online. It would be easy to binge-watch them before the premiere tonight, as the episodes range from four to eleven minutes. The first episode is embedded above, and the rest can be watched here.

The new cast is full of geek culture favorites

The new character that excites you the most will likely depend on the other shows you watch. Once Upon a Time's Robbie Kay plays a young boy who can make objects disappear, Shameless's Danika Yarosh plays a mysterious girl who seems to have some kind of control over a black hole, and Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce plays an unnamed recurring character. But we're most excited for Zachary Levi, who departs considerably from his bosom buddy typecasting to play a vengeful assassin who is hell-bent on killing Evos. In the above sneak peek, he attempts to kill the high school-aged Robbie Kay, so needless to say, Chuck Bartowski he is not.

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