Famous Scientists Get Special Powers in Awesome 8-Bit Style Animations

Monday, 29 February 2016 - 4:55PM
Monday, 29 February 2016 - 4:55PM
Famous Scientists Get Special Powers in Awesome 8-Bit Style Animations
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Scientists are already changing the world for the better, so they don't really need to be given superpowers to make them any cooler. That being said, when we heard that designers had given some of the world's greatest scientific minds their very own special moves, we were more than a little bit curious.

Created by Diego Sanches for a project called 'Science Combat' over at Brazilian Publication Super Interssante, the animations below are the first stage of what will eventually become playable science heroes that use their creations and discoveries to defeat their foe in Street Fighter style combat. And before you say it, we know these aren't true 8-bits, but that's definitely the vibe we were getting!

Charles Darwin

Special Move #1: Evolution

Special Move #2: Natural Selection

Stephen Hawking

Special Move #1: Wormhole

Albert Einstein

Special Move #1: Relativity

Special Movie #2: E=MC2

Nikola Tesla

Special Move #1: Teleforce Death Ray

Special Move #2: Tesla Coil

Isaac Newton

Special Move #1: Optiks

Special Move #2: Gravity

Marie Curie

Special Move #1: Radium

Special Move #2: Polonium


Special Move #1: Pythagorean Theorem

Special Move #2: Tetractys

Honestly, I would play the heck out of a video game that allowed me to pit my favorite science hero against a host of big bads, so hopefully Science Combat becomes playable soon. My personal favorite has to be Darwin though. Seeing him transform using his powers of Evolution brought back some serious memories of that classic fighter, Killer Instinct.....that's not a bad comparison to have.
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