The 7 Coolest Virtual Reality Experiences Made with Hololens So Far

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 - 3:41PM
Virtual Reality
Wednesday, 30 March 2016 - 3:41PM
The 7 Coolest Virtual Reality Experiences Made with Hololens So Far
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Hololens just starting shipping their technology to developers, which means we have a whole lot of virtual and augmented reality hijinks coming to our future. But several organizations, both public and private, have had their hands on this tech for quite some time now, and have already done amazing things with it. Here are the seven most awesome virtual reality experiences created with Hololens so far:

Mars on Earth

NASA is unveiling a new exhibit called Destination: Mars, an augmented reality experience that allows you to take a full tour of Mars' surface with virtual guides Erica Hines, who is in charge of the Curiosity Rover and astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Holographic Games

Virtual reality can advance important causes such as medical science and space travel by leaps and bounds, but let's be honest, it's absolutely made for first-person shooter games. RoboRaid is the first such game to employ Hololens technology, and several other games are using holograms as well, including a detective thriller game and a kids' game involving an adorable squirrel that adapts to your environment:

Virtual Anatomy

Universities such as Case Western in Ohio are using Hololens as a teaching tool, particularly in anatomy courses. The tech allows students to study the human body up close and virtually (sorry) eliminates the necessity for real-life human cadavers and body parts.

Holographic Room

Lowe's was one of the first to utilize Hololens technology, and they've created an in-store experience called the Holoroom that is eerily similar to the Ray Bradbury story "The Veldt" (or its loose adaptation, the Disney Channel movie Smart House). This tech allows you to choose Lowe's products and build/design an entire room, hopefully one that won't try to eat you.


Actiongram is a moviemaking app that allows you to make mixed reality videos. You can choose from an extensive library of holograms, including bombs, tigers, astronauts, unicorns, etc, and record them to make your very own surrealist film. Or, you can just play with a dinosaur in your living room, whatever floats your boat. 

Holographic Skype

Skype is primarily using Hololens technology for educational experiences, allowing the user to show the other person what he or she is seeing and draw holograms on the other person's screen during a demonstration. Although we're not quite at the point where you can talk to a hologram that pops out of your computer, the fact that Skype is working with this technology will hopefully bring us one step closer. 



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