New Screen Technology Turns You Into a Hologram

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 - 2:49PM
Tuesday, 30 August 2016 - 2:49PM
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Holographic technology is getting more and more advanced every day, most notably in the world of gaming. But now, the company Holovit has launched an Indiegogo campaign to launch new screen technology that will allow you to make your own holograms from your phone, tablet, or TVs. 

HoloVit, which brands itself as "the world's first hologram recording set," consists of a special screen that allows you to watch videos as holograms that appear behind the screen. The screen comes in three different sizes, one for phones and tablets, one for laptops, and another for televisions, so you can watch entire television shows as holograms. The company has also developed a holographic game called Hologram Battle, which you can access on Google Play or the Apple App store. 

But the most exciting part of this project is the Hologram Recording set, which allows you to turn pretty much anything into a hologram. And if you're so inclined, you can even record a holographic version of yourself delivering a message, Princess Leia-style.

Unlike the Princess Leia hologram, these projections are not 360 degrees, but rather you need to be looking through the HoloVit screen. But still, this is a pretty cool piece of tech, and if the campaign gets the funding it needs to mass produce, we could be seeing holograms in our own living rooms.

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"We want to bring the fun and excitement of futuristic technology into every home," the creators wrote on their Indiegogo page. "We would like to see HoloVit as a game changer of the home entertainment world.
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