NASA Video Shows What Antarctica Looks Like Beneath the Ice

Tuesday, 23 May 2017 - 4:54PM

Antarctica is a terrifying place when you get past the lovable penguins: it's the world's largest desert, yet it's also the coldest place on Earth. In 1911, sailors witnessed a waterfall of what looked like blood pouring out of the ice, and on top of the biting winds and deadly chill, a phenomenon called 'the Devil's symphony' can create horrible, otherworldly noises in the sea ice. It's no wonder that H.P. Lovecraft imagined the ruins of a millennia-old civilization of monstrous aliens buried in the ice—nowhere beats Antarctica in terms of sheer foreboding.

Now, however, we can see those titular mountains of madness more clearly using a combination of satellite and computer imaging. Check it out:

Despite being a continent of icy death, Antarctica is actually one of the things that keeps humanity alive: thanks to its ice shelf, the ocean maintains a relatively steady temperature. One of the chief concerns of NASA (and most of the world's scientists) is that global climate change will deplete Antarctica's store of ice and raise sea levels, which would be disastrous for humanity, but actually pretty beneficial for Dagon and the rest of the Elder Gods.