Futuristic-Looking Fire Truck Concept Could Simply Drive Over Traffic

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 - 8:50PM
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Tuesday, 15 August 2017 - 8:50PM
Futuristic-Looking Fire Truck Concept Could Simply Drive Over Traffic
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Dahir Insaat/YouTube
As anyone who's heard the dreaded noise of a fire truck siren while stuck in a wall of slow-moving traffic will tell you, other cars are one of the biggest challenges that emergency service vehicles face. Rock up at the wrong moment, and a group of professional fire fighters will have to spend agonizing minutes waiting as all cars in a vicinity struggle to pull up onto the sidewalk in order to make room for a truck to squeeze through.

This is made all the more frustrating (and deadly) thanks tot the fact that fire trucks are not inherently designed to "squeeze through" anything - yet. Russian inventor Dahir Semenov claims to have solved the problem. How do we get fire trucks past big, thick, heavy traffic?

Why not put the trucks on stilts and let them zip over the top of waiting cars in a matter of seconds:

It's worth watching the entirety of this video, especially for an animatic of a red, mirrored truck with flashing lights that looks exactly like every 1980s science fiction writer's vision of the future. If you told someone that this was a deleted scene from Back to the Future Part II, they'd probably believe you (were it not for the distinct lack of low-poly Jaws ads).

But it gets better - as well as zipping above lowly ground-based traffic, the fire truck is also equipped with a drone that's able to ascend high into the air at a moment's notice, making it, according to to Dahir Semenov, the perfect solution to high-rise fires in the age of skyscrapers. Where modern fire crews are limited in their effectiveness when something starts burning hundred of feet in the air, this new theoretical design could provide a simple way to get fire fighting equipment as high as it needs to be to tackle any kind of problem.

According to the video:

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"On arrival at the fire site, a 20-engine drone connected to the car with a power cord pulls out of the car and soars up high. The drone has more than enough power to go up to the fire location, along with necessary firefighting equipment, along with water hoses and special cannons shooting capsules with fire-extinguishing powder. Besides, the drone can use the walkway to take on board and evacuate up to five victims, if necessary."
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While this video makes the idea look absolutely, incomprehensibly bizarre, once you give this idea some thought, there's some real benefits to using this technology to help fight fires.

After all, anyone who's been stuck in traffic and watched enviously as a motorbike slips effortlessly through rows of cars will know that a vehicle with a skinny enough presence will inevitably be better positioned to make the most of busy city traffic. What's more, with the advent of increasingly complicated drone technology, emergency services really could start transporting aid at a faster pace by using this technology.

That said, it does seem a little like Semenov may have underestimated an ancillary part of his firefighting plan. His intention - to lay specific tracks and design fire trucks on stilts that will be aided by drones when they reach their destination - assumes that drone technology won't continue to advance over the next decade. What's more likely is that these stilted trucks will soon become obsolete, as more advanced drones provide a faster, safer, even less vertically challenged way of getting firefighting equipment and even personnel to where they need to go.

Or, in other words, why focus on putting fire trucks on stilts, when we can put our effort into making flying fire trucks instead?

Ultimately, flying cars are more like Back to the Future Part II made real anyway, awful CGI sharks or not.

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