Official 'Science and Star Wars' Web Show Launches on Facebook

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 - 6:46PM
Science of Star Wars
Tuesday, 19 September 2017 - 6:46PM
Official 'Science and Star Wars' Web Show Launches on Facebook
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It's pretty clear that Lucasfilm is well aware of the importance of good online content.

It wasn't unwarranted for The Star Wars Show to be nominated for an Emmy - the YouTube exclusive behind-the-scenes series is not only a source of upcoming Star Wars news, but also a way for Lucasfilm to take advantage of the online popularity of their movies, while simultaneously getting to control the conversation about how these films are interpreted by audiences.

Now, the studio is branching out to offer another official Star Wars web show, albeit one with a far more unique twist. Instead of covering concept art and actor interviews, the IBM-sponsored Science and Star Wars will delve into real-world technology and discoveries that mirror the wonders of the Star Wars universe. Essentially, it's a big-budget, official version of Adam Savage's Tested, or Nerdist's Because Science.

That's no bad thing - although this genre of content is already fairly crowded online, it's rare to get to see a show that's being driven by the official studio behind the sci-fi subject matter that's being examined. It's interesting to think that someone, somewhere at Disney and/or Lucasfilm has been thinking hard enough about how lightsabers might actually work in order to greenlight a project like this.

What's more, with any luck, an official Star Wars branded show about science will similarly encourage fans to think deeper about modern scientific research and how it relates to their love of high fantasy space operas. You can see the full first episode below, featuring IBM's Watson and Taylor Gray (who plays Ezra on Star Wars Rebels) as they look at lightsabers:

According to Mickey Capoferri, the senior director of content and programming at Lucasfilm, and the one behind this whole project:

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"We care about getting kids inspired into science, so it really wasn't that hard of a sell. It was very much a 'Yeah, that makes sense. That's a good use of Star Wars.' It shows that Star Wars is not just a piece of entertainment, it really is part of the zeitgeist, part of pop culture and part of our upbringing. You just can't imagine a world without Star Wars."
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The show won't appear on YouTube until later in the week, and it does have one rather annoying production feature that may be a dealbreaker for some viewers. Science and Star Wars will appear regularly on the Star Wars Facebook page, and for some reason known only to the heretics who are making this show, it's presented entirely in long and skinny portrait orientation - this is clearly designed to be viewed on a phone rather than a computer, but it doesn't really suit the footage that makes up the show.

Weird production decisions aside, this looks like a show that's going to be a lot of fun. The show, which heavily features sponsorship from IBM, will have ten episodes in its initial season, and we can only hope that there'll be more in the future. As the kids today say, may the mass times acceleration be with you.
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