New Video of Apple's Self-Driving Car Shows Its Rivals Are Leading the Race

Thursday, 19 October 2017 - 10:50AM
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Thursday, 19 October 2017 - 10:50AM
New Video of Apple's Self-Driving Car Shows Its Rivals Are Leading the Race
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A new video of Apple's self-driving car shows the tech giant may have a long way to go before it catches up to its competitors.

Back when Henry Ford first debuted his automobile creation, there wasn't a lot of competition on the market.

This certainly won't be the case for self-driving cars - a seemingly endless number of companies have thrown their hats into the ring, eager to create a viable commercial product out of this burgeoning new technology.

One such company is Apple, the makers of incredibly stylish, user-friendly electronics. On paper, this seems like a smart idea for the company; self-driving cars seem to fit perfectly with their standard business practice of creating intuitive tech with a gentle learning curve that prevents the user from needing extensive lessons before they can get the most out of a device.

That said, not much has actually been seen of Apple's self-driving car thus far. With other companies, most notably Tesla, already drawing near to a self-driving car roll-out, Apple seems oddly quiet about its future plans.

Finally, Apple's self-driving car prototype car has been spotted in the wild, and it's certainly very interesting. It seems that Apple still has quite a long way to go before this thing will be ready for commercial sale.

It's worth noting that this is far from a confirmed, genuine Apple product. A video of this prototype car, informally titled "The Thing" as part of Apple's Project Titan, comes from MacAllister Higgins, the co-founder of an autonomous taxi company who may well have dealings with Apple in some way.

It helps that an unconnected source has also taken a photo of the car, which has been shared on Twitter as well.

While a lot of work has clearly gone into this self-driving prototype, if this is a genuine Apple work-in-progress, it's certainly behind the times.

Big, cumbersome rooftop set-ups like this are useful for housing the many Lidar scanners necessary to keep a car safely on the road, but many companies involved in the autonomous vehicle tech race have already made huge progress in shrinking such tech into a smaller, more compact unit. The size and shape of Apple's self-driving car, not to mention the company's relative silence, suggests that Project Titan is still a long way from completion.

Then again, silence is kind of Apple's thing. It's become a long-running joke among the smartphone community that Apple's iPhone range is several years behind other devices from a technological standpoint. In truth, Apple, unlike Tesla or any of the other contenders looking to make a name in the self-driving car market, doesn't need to rush.

With a stylish final package, plus the Apple seal of approval that guarantees the car is reliable, safe, hacker-resistant and incredibly user-friendly, Project Titan could well succeed on brand recognition alone, even if it is fashionably late to the self-driving party.

While nobody should expect to see much more of Apple's self-driving car in the immediate future, once this thing is ready to launch, everybody is going to want one.
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