New Evidence Shows We May Be Living in a Multiverse

Wednesday, 25 October 2017 - 10:29AM
Wednesday, 25 October 2017 - 10:29AM
New Evidence Shows We May Be Living in a Multiverse
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We've never actually found any genuine proof for the existence of a muiltiverse - until now.

As our knowledge and understanding of the infinite space beyond our own world continues to expand, scientists have grown increasingly interested in the possibility of a multiverse - a series of different universes, all potentially stacked together, which all exist with their own physical laws and rules.

While the existence of parallel universes may be common grounds for speculation in science fiction, as scientists recently discovered, this is one case where the truth may be stranger than fiction.

A scientist at Caltech has published a paper analyzing images taken by the European Space Agency's Planck telescope.

Comparing the images, and examining the Big Bang's residual cosmic microwave background (CMB) light, Ranga-Ram Chary has spotted a patch of bright light in the photos that doesn't seem to match with the contents of our own universe.

In order to spot the anomaly, Chary essentially removed all known star points from the photos taken, leaving a map of the universe that should, theoretically, have been entirely blank - after all, if all the light from our stars is subtracted from the night's sky, what else could be left?

In spite of this, a significant amount of background light was still visible, suggesting that there are other, external light sources that don't come from within our own universe.

Chary believes that this background CMB light is the result of another universe brushing up against ours at some point after the Big Bang, as all different universes within the multiverse all sped away from each other with tremendous force and speed.

In theory, if two universes rub up against each other, they should discharge a significant amount of energy, which would take the form of light in these photos.

While there's no way at this stage to prove whether we're looking at evidence of another universe, there's a chance that not only is there something beyond our own frame of reference, but some energy may have bled across between the barriers between universes.

According to expert Jen Chluba of Cambridge University:

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"To explain the signals that Dr. Chary found with the cosmological recombination radiation, one needs a large enhancement in the number of [other particles] relative to photons. In the realm of alternative universes, this is entirely possible."
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If this is the proof that scientists have been looking for that other universes exist, we're not exactly going to be visiting them any time soon.

Not only would this second universe now be incomprehensibly far away by this point, as all universes are constantly shooting away from each other, but it could also exist in a bubble with its own unique physical laws and rules that wouldn't bear any resemblance to anything that we're used to.

It could well be that the laws of reality are so different in another universe that it would be impossible for anything from our universe to exist under a new set of rules, and it'd be worth assuming that no human could possibly survive a trip beyond our own, familiar place in time and space.

Nevertheless, if future research proves that Ranga-Ram Chary's theory is correct, we may have to rethink the way we view the multiverse.

The night's sky may be about to start feeling a lot more crowded.
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