Glowing Ring UFO Shocks China

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 - 2:09PM
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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 - 2:09PM
Glowing Ring UFO Shocks China
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Residents of a small village in China were left stunned by a glowing, ring-shaped UFO that mysteriously hovered in the sky for over 10 minutes before disappearing.
The cloud reportedly appeared over Shangrao of Jiangxi Province in China on November 8, and word of the mystifying event has quickly spread around the internet with a video of the event shot by a shocked resident going viral:

The cloud took on the appearance of a burning flame and reportedly lasted for at least 10 minutes.

Authorities have yet to explain what caused the mysterious glowing white ring in the sky.

However, despite the UFO whisperings of the citizens of Shangrao, similar rings have been spotted over Russia, the UK and the USA.

Here's a clip of a black ring floating over Kazakhstan in 2015:

Scientists identified these wisps as smoke vortices. Their cause is also understood as the result of a blast through a circular venting structure like a flue or pipe, and can be created intentionally or otherwise.

You can see that happening in the following video, recorded in the Nevada desert during the 2008 Burning Man festival:

The orange ring over Shangrao wasn't the first UFO over China to spark global attention; the presence of an unidentified object over inner Mongolia in July 2010 reportedly resulted in the brief shutdown of Xiaoshan Airport. Officials eventually explained this was a military test.

And perhaps, most famously, a city was seen by several onlookers over Yueyang, China, in January 2017:

As incredible as this may seem, it too has a very explainable cause. An illusion known as Fata Morgana, refracted light rays—usually fuzzy when seen close to the ground—can be clearer when poised in the sky; upturns in temperature in the upper atmosphere, usually over bodies of water, are considered the reason behind such illusions. 

Atmospheric illusions can also lead to some flat-out weird visions as well, like this video taken on Lake Superior, MI in 2015:

Of course, not every UFO has an easy explanation.

The town of Salekhard in Northern Siberia, Russia, was stunned to see a bizarre, giant, glowing UFO recently.

Scientists still can't explain what caused the otherworldy occurrence.

The truth is out there, somewhere. 
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Glowing Ring UFO Shocks China