Watch a 1,000 MPH Jet Car in 360-Degree Video

Thursday, 09 November 2017 - 11:21AM
Thursday, 09 November 2017 - 11:21AM
Watch a 1,000 MPH Jet Car in 360-Degree Video
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Image credit: Bloodhound

There's almost no earthly reason to make a car 1,000 MPH, but that doesn't stop scientists from pushing the boundaries of what's possible. That's part of what makes us human.

We've already seen one car break the sound barrier (at 763.035 mph), but the Bloodhound is planning to be the first to not only break that land-speed record—but absolutely smash it... with science. 

The BBC has put together a super cool profile of the car in 360 degrees, along with interviews with its creators and test pilot:

Here's a video of the recent test the Bloodhound performed at Newquay airport, where it went from 0 to 200 MPH in about nine seconds:

And here's an excerpt from the official description of the car on the Bloodhound Project website:

Opening quote
BLOODHOUND SSC is approximately 13.4m long and weighs 7.5 tonnes. The design is a mix of car and aircraft technology, with the front section being a carbon fibre monocoque (like a racing car) and the back portion being a metallic framework and panels (like an aircraft). The two front wheels sit within the body and two rear wheels are mounted externally within wheel fairings.

The car will be powered by both a jet engine and a rocket, which together will produce more than 135,000 horsepower: that's more than six times the power of all the Formula 1 cars on a starting grid put together.
Closing quote

Joking aside, one of the chief goals of the Project is to "[inspire] the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics."

Because if a group of international scientists and companies can come together to make a 1,000-MPH supercar, then maybe one day we can achieve humanity's ultimate dream: becoming VR cats.
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Watch a Jet Car Go 1,000 MPH in 360-Degree Video