NASA Can't Explain Mysterious Boom Heard Over Alabama

Thursday, 16 November 2017 - 11:51AM
Thursday, 16 November 2017 - 11:51AM
NASA Can't Explain Mysterious Boom Heard Over Alabama
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Alabama residents were stunned this week when a giant, deafening boom in the sky made a sound so loud and mystifying not even NASA could explain what caused the bizarre phenomenon.

Something went bump in the early afternoon in Alabama on Tuesday. Whatever it was, it's proved mysterious enough to attract the attention of NASA scientists, who've been investigating in an attempt to figure out what exactly could make such a big noise.

The boom was reported to officials in various places throughout Alabama, including Birmingham, Arab, Anniston, Hayden, Kimberly, Center Point, Jasper, and Gardendale. It took place at approximately 1:39 p.m., and may be connected to infrasound signals that were picked up at the Elginfield Infrasound Array in southern Ontario, which lasted for around ten minutes.

It was a big, loud, thundering noise that worried an awful lot of people, and NASA has absolutely no idea what caused it.

The agency has issued a statement claiming that there was no solid, provable reason why such a large area would hear a noise like this. One thing is certain, though; from eyewitness accounts that claim there was a vapor trail left in the sky afterwards, NASA is leaning towards believing that it might well have been something unusual in the sky.

According to the space agency's statement, the noise "could have been generated by a bolide, larger supersonic aircraft or a ground explosion" - a "bolide" is the technical name given to a meteor that ultimately crashes into the ground.

The first instinct for any fan of shows like The X-Files is to assume that this must have been some kind of extraterrestrial craft, visiting Alabama for unknown reasons. It wouldn't be a surprise if people suspected NASA's "investigation" to be a cover-up, especially considering that the new season of Stranger Things just aired and society at large is eager to jump at spooky government-shaped shadows.

In reality, this probably wasn't any kind of close encounter with an alien race, although it's not necessarily worth ruling out the possibility of a secret experiment undertaken a governmental or commercial entity. If the noise did come from some kind of supersonic aircraft, it could be the work of plenty of different terrestrial forces.

Recently, NASA announced progress in research into nanotube technology that could allow for hypersonic flight, and there's no doubting that plenty of other organizations around the world, both in the US and further afield, are working on creating more advanced aircraft that could cause a sudden sonic boom.

NASA also happens to be working on a far quieter form of supersonic airplane, but if that's what made this boom, there's probably a lot more work to be done.

Or, perhaps this really was simply a meteor or some kind of underground explosion. Whatever happened, NASA either doesn't have information or doesn't have anything to say that isn't heavily classified. Either way, this probably isn't a sign that aliens are invading Earth.

But, then, that's exactly what news reports would argue if the aliens had already taken control of the media.

This big Atlanta boom is probably nothing to worry about.

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NASA Can't Explain Mysterious Boom Heard Over Alabama