Russia Is Sending Its Gunslinging Robot Pilot to Outer Space

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 10:45AM
Wednesday, 29 November 2017 - 10:45AM
Russia Is Sending Its Gunslinging Robot Pilot to Outer Space
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Sending astronauts into space is old hat, and if there's one thing that Russia loves, it's top-of-line, newfangled headwear. The Soviets won the space race back in 1961 when they sent Yuri Gagarin up for 108 minutes, and now the Russian space agency Roscosmos has a plan to win the race to get an ambidextrous shooting robot behind the controls of a spacecraft by 2021.

The Robocop for the job is called Fedor, which is apparently both a popular given name in Russia and in this case an acronym that stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research.

After demonstrating the ability to use a fire extinguisher, shoot two guns at the same time, open locks, solder wires, and slowly crawl under hurdles, Fedor has been promoted to pilot of the new Federatsiya spacecraft and will soon begin training for a 2012 solo orbital mission.

By 2024, Russia hopes to have Fedor join the crew aboard the ISS.

It's unclear if Fedor will be armed for his training sessions or his maiden voyage into orbit, but you can never be too careful.

In theory, shooting guns in space would work, but do we really need a trigger-happy robot kicking off the next intergalactic war?

Russia has begun training its military for cosmic warfare since "all future wars will be fought not only in the air, but also in space," but as far as we know Fedor isn't a part of that army. 

There are other menial tasks that the robot could do aboard the ISS that would save time and stress for the human astronauts, like turning screws, lifting heavy loads, or cleaning up the floating skin cells and dust particles.

Russian officials say that Fedor could participate in several upcoming tests and flights, pending its performance during training and the solo flight in 2021.

To infinity and beyond, Fedor!
Russia Is Sending Its Gunslinging Robot Pilot Into Outer Space