Is the US Government Secretly Stockpiling Metal From Alien Spaceships?

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 - 10:35AM
Tuesday, 09 January 2018 - 10:35AM
Is the US Government Secretly Stockpiling Metal From Alien Spaceships?
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Following the public discovery that the US military has genuinely been secretly investigating UFO reports, a number of prolific conspiracy theorists have felt emboldened enough to push for new information from official governmental sources.

After all, if the government has been keeping mum about their real life X-Files investigations into alien visitors, then it's worth assuming that there have been some interesting findings over the past decade that make such a program worthwhile.

One eager self-proclaimed UFO expert, an author by the name of Anthony Bragalia, is currently attempting to put pressure on the government to reveal one secret that they're reported to have locked away in their vaults; according to The New York Times, a secret military compound in Las Vegas contains a stockpile of rare otherworldly metal that has been collected from UFO crash sites.

Apparently, the metals that the government is holding on to are "unknown to science." The Times' article doesn't cite any specific proof on this point, but it's still managed to light some fires among the UFO truther community.

Eager to gain evidence one way or the other, Bragalia has taken things a step further by appealing to the government directly, under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which allows citizens to submit queries and receive transparent answers about official projects.

According to Bragalia:

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"I have FOIA requests with five US Department of Defense agencies for the release of test results on UFO alloys that have been reported by The New York Times to be in the possession of the United States government."
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This should go well.

It should probably be noted that there are plenty of exceptions to the FOIA. A citizen can't receive information on, say, operations and research that has been classified in the interest of public or military safety. It's not possible to receive an answer when using the Freedom of Information Act to ask about specific military procedures, in case that information falls into the wrong hands. Similarly, if the government is undertaking top-secret research into any scientific phenomenon, they're not going to happily spell out the details of the project to anybody who asks.

Thus, if the government does have magic metal from the wreckage of an alien spaceship, they're not going to disclose that information simply because Bragalia has asked nicely.

It seems that the UFO expert has already thought of this; Bragalia's contingency plan is to take to the courts if his FOIA requests are rejected, and he has stated that he is "willing and able to sue the US Government" to get hold of the information he desires.

He's certainly able to sue the government, and he may very well be willing to do so, but he's unlikely to win. Even if this weren't a spurious case, the government is hardly eager to have legal precedent in place that forces them to reveal all their secrets simply because someone is shouting loudly enough.

There is, though, another problem with this claim: according to actual, genuine scientists that spoke to Scientific American about the claims, it's preposterous that the US government would find any metal that would be "unknown to science".

Richard Sachleben, a member of the American Chemical Society's panel of experts said:

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"I don't think it's plausible that there's any alloys that we can't identify. My opinion? That's quite impossible."
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There is some very real, incredibly fascinating evidence to suggest that UFOs may in fact be real (although not necessarily from outer space). With this in mind, it's probably best for the sky-watching community to focus on what facts have been revealed, rather than trying to get the government to dish the dirt on a spurious and potentially fictitious theory that lacks a firm, reliable source.

At least, that's what the aliens want you to think...