Aliens Are Sending Drone UFOs to Explore Earth, Claims UK Government Expert

Monday, 22 January 2018 - 11:23AM
Monday, 22 January 2018 - 11:23AM
Aliens Are Sending Drone UFOs to Explore Earth, Claims UK Government Expert
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The world could do with a few more military UFO investigators like Nick Pope.

The leaked documents concerning the Pentagon's very real UFO conspiracy cover-up indicate that many members of the investigation task force over the years have expressed frustration at the secrecy that surrounds the project—it'd make more sense, claim some, for the government to come forward with the truth of what they've learned thus far, in order to dispell the myths that still surround the topic of UFOs.

Nick Pope, however, has been doing this for years. At one point, Pope was involved in a significant role in the UK's answer to the Pentagon's UFO investigation, serving with the Ministry of Defense as he hunted for the truth behind many UFO sightings.

In the years since, he's been very eager to talk in vague terms at least about what the UK government found, what compelling evidence exists, and how much he personally has been convinced by what he's seen.

Speaking recently about the ongoing Pentagon investigations and their implications, Pope has been quick to state that, based on his own personal experience with a similar investigation, he does believe that aliens exist.

That said, he argues that thus far, there is no "smoking gun"; no definitive proof that UFOs are actually alien spaceships.

Instead, Pope suggests an alternative theory: UFOs might well be the result of alien automated drones that have been sent to examine the planet on behalf of these mysterious distant creatures.

Said Pope:

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"I still can't rule out that possibility, and I'd love it to be true: the world would be far more interesting with aliens than without them. However, while I've seen some intriguing evidence, I've yet to see any definitive 'you can take it to the bank' proof. So the bottom line is that while I'm sure there's life elsewhere in the universe, I don't know whether or not we're being visited. If we are, I suspect we're dealing with automated probes, or craft operated by some sort of artificial intelligence. Even if there are flesh and blood aliens out there somewhere, the cosmic radiation and the immense time required to travel interstellar distances probably rules out biological lifeforms making such journeys—unless there's a way around what seems to be the absolute barrier of light speed."
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Pope's words make a lot of sense based on everything that we know about the difficulties of traveling through space.

We're having a hard enough time figuring out how to get astronauts safely to the planet Mars, and that's literally the closest planet to our own. Based on the apparent scarcity of intelligent life in the universe, it's worth assuming that aliens would have to travel a long, long way to get to us.

Not only would this be an uncomfortable flight, but it'd take a phenomenal amount of time. If they came from any nearby star system, these aliens would have needed to set out on their journey decades ago - unless, of course, they'd found a way to travel faster than the speed of light, which at present looks impossible.

If the aliens were coming from further afield, such as from another galaxy, they'd have needed to start traveling before our planet had even been created. This doesn't seem like a worthwhile trip for anyone involved.

What makes more sense, then, is that if UFOs are actually the work of distant alien races, they're basically the Imperial probe droids from the start of The Empire Strikes Back.

Sent out in huge batches, these droids could have been tasked with indefinitely exploring the universe, visiting every planet in order to see what's going on, and potentially detect intelligent life.

Pope is right—if UFOs really are the work of alien visitors, they're almost certainly robots, rather than actual fleshy meatsacks.

If this is the case, the question remains as to what these aliens might be planning to do with the information that we exist. We're too far away for them to reach us comfortably, so we're spared from attack, but maybe, if we're lucky, we'll eventually receive an interstellar email from someone far away who, just like humanity, simply wants to make new friends.

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