Elon Musk Shows Off The Official 'Boring Company' Flamethrower in a Video

Sunday, 28 January 2018 - 6:42PM
Sunday, 28 January 2018 - 6:42PM
Elon Musk Shows Off The Official 'Boring Company' Flamethrower in a Video
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Very recently, it came to everyone's attention that Elon Musk was possibly selling a flamethrower bearing the official logo of The Boring Company, Musk's tunnel-digging company that's attempting to build high tech underground freeways beneath cities like Los Angeles and Baltimore.

But no one knew if this was legitimate until now - the page on the Boring Company website offering pre-orders for the flamethrower was password protected (the password was simply "flame" until some employee thought to change it) and nobody at the company would comment. But perhaps because of the media attention, Musk has now officially unveiled the official Boring Company flamethrower in a very "Elon Musk" way. 

Which is to say, he released a video of himself quite literally playing with fire. See for yourself:

Say hello to my little friend …

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A flamethrower might not seem like it has much to do with digging tunnels or hyperloops; this is because it has absolutely nothing to do with those things. The flamethrower started as a joke, with Musk claiming that if the Boring Company sold all their branded baseball caps, they'd move onto flamethrowers next. And sell out they did, because here we are.

They cost $500 each, a tough price to match in the flamethrower market. And there are only 20,000 in stock, so if this somehow strikes you as a thing you need to have, you can go scratch that itch with a flamethrower since they're now publicly for sale.

They even sell a Boring Company fire extinguisher, an invaluable tool for any sucker who plays with a flamethrower without knowing how to use it.

Even if not all the flamethrowers are sold, Musk seems to be having a blast with it, and maybe that's enough in the end.

Hopefully he's actually making progress on solving Los Angeles' traffic problem by boring tunnels too.