Archaeologists Find 'Mummified Reptilian Aliens' in Peru Tomb Near Mysterious Nazca Lines

Thursday, 08 February 2018 - 2:36PM
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Thursday, 08 February 2018 - 2:36PM
Archaeologists Find 'Mummified Reptilian Aliens' in Peru Tomb Near Mysterious Nazca Lines
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Image credit: YouTube/Unsplash

Scientists say they've found six strange, three-fingered alien mummies in an ancient tomb in Nazca, Peru.

A number of scientists organized by conspiracy website have obtained six strange, three-fingered alien mummies that they claim to be from an ancient tomb in Nazca, Peru, but basic research techniques have revealed the tiny mummies to be humans, most likely diced up and reassembled by grave-robbers to resemble aliens.

That hasn't stopped the team from arguing that these 'aliens' are the real deal and that we've found humanity's long-rumored reptilian sister species from among the stars.

The scientist who administered the CAT scans on the mummies, Dr. Raymundo Salas Alfaro, has been quoted as saying:

"Each of three small specimens has been analyzed and bone density belong to that of a living being.The preservation is amazing, it is really surprising, especially the bone parts of these small creatures.You see that the base of the skull has its own characteristics...Of course they have existed. [This] is not a fake."

Russian researcher Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, also attached to the team, is equally convinced that one of the mummies (nicknamed 'Maria') is real...or rather, that most of it is real:

"The first step was to prove it was real and not plastic, not paper. Next, that it was ancient. We did carbon dating and did analysis on the structure of the body. The CAT scan has proven it was a real body. What about the three fingers and three toes? Maybe this is not real and is attached somehow." 

Fortunately, Korotkov's doubts were alleviated once a DNA test was run on the fingers and toes—they matched. However, DNA tests from the Paleo DNA lab in Canada also proved that the DNA taken from these "alien" mummies (some of which are claimed to have reptilian skin) is a 100 percent match to human DNA.

Meanwhile, the archaeological community has blown up at the claim that these mummies are extraterrestrials.

Scientists are all too familiar with the number of hoax specimens that find their way from the black market into labs, to the point that paleontologists thought a new type of dinosaur, called Halszkaraptor escuilliei, was a fake, cobbled together from different parts.

Rather than waving away the team's claims as bunk, the World Congress on Mummy Studies has issued a call for an investigation into whether or not the Nazca specimens are the product of a grave-robber cut-and-paste job, which could lead to criminal charges against those responsible.

Not quite the "world-changing discovery" the researchers were hoping for, but still a fascinating artifact worthy of further study.

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