UFO Spotted Above Mount Everest in Professional Mountaineer's Photograph

Monday, 19 February 2018 - 10:27AM
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Monday, 19 February 2018 - 10:27AM
UFO Spotted Above Mount Everest in Professional Mountaineer's Photograph
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Image Credit: Screenshot GigaPixel
An unidentified flying object has been spotted in a photo of Mount Everest taken by professional mountaineer and photographer David Breashears.

The photo, one of 447 taken by Breashears for a project on climate change, shows a mysterious "saucer" floating high above the world's tallest mountain, in one of the most remote places on Earth.

This discovery was made by UFO Today, a YouTube channel that focuses on exposing flying saucers and alien sightings wherever they are seen.

According to a video that shows off the flying saucer:

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"The object resembles a flying disc of some sort, and it's clearly there since we can see its silhouette. Judging its height, from Mount Everest, it's safe to say that this object is flying way above the height where helicopters or drones would operate. We don't have any additional information on the object, but it's interesting to see it's flying above one of the highest mountains in the world."
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The video also references conspiracy theories that claim a secret underground base exists beneath Mount Everest and, of course, the persistent rumors of the Yeti that the mountain attracts.

So what's the deal? Is this UFO genuinely an alien spaceship, or is there a more terrestrial explanation for its existence?

Given its altitude, this is certainly not a man-made creation – nor is it a bird or any other kind of animal. That said, there is a simpler explanation for the strange dot in this picture.


This photograph, one of almost 500 taken at the time, is a phenomenally high-resolution image. With detail comes noise, and an increased chance that the tiniest bit of dust or debris on the camera lens could end up being captured in the picture.

After all, when you're wading through literally hundreds of high-resolution photos, it's easy to find something – anything – that looks suspicious. If you're making an effort to find a UFO then, with enough data to trawl through, you'll eventually find something that looks out of place... No matter how benign the image might be.

This is a common tactic for UFO enthusiasts: by combing through a huge number of pictures, they'll eventually find "evidence" of seashells or cannonballs on Mars to validate their existing worldview.

UFO Today, in particular, has an ulterior motive at play: the YouTube channel needs to find mysterious alien sightings as often as possible in order to maintain a regular upload schedule. As the old saying goes: when your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like an unidentified flying nail.

This picture is hardly convincing proof for the existence of aliens, and is no better than any other blurry shot of odd things lurking in Earth's upper atmosphere. While there may be alien life somewhere out in the universe, it's almost certainly not parked atop a desolate mountain on Earth, waiting to be discovered by anyone bored enough to sift through hundreds of photos for an alien spaceship. 

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