Peru 'Alien' Mummies Debunked? Expert Says They're a Tomb Looter Hoax

Monday, 19 March 2018 - 11:09AM
Monday, 19 March 2018 - 11:09AM
Peru 'Alien' Mummies Debunked? Expert Says They're a Tomb Looter Hoax
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It could be the most concrete evidence we've ever seen of the existence of aliens and proof that they have been here before, or it could be a very elaborate hoax orchestrated by a clever but nefarious scammer. Either way, there are mummified bodies that were found in Peru that have some scientists scratching their heads at the mystery while others are shaking their heads at what they say is are obvious fakes.

According to LiveScience, tomb robbers allegedly discovered the mummies in 2015 in the area of Peru where the ancient Nazca people once lived.


The robbers have been active in the area for 20 years but not much has been done to stop them from searching for and taking archaeological treasures. 


At least of the five mummies was found in a seated position with its back curved forward. The head matches what we typically think of as alien in shape, and the hands and feet are long with only three digits on each.


In a special report on, samples from the creature were carbon dated back to between 245 and 410 AD, but there is a theory that while parts of the mummy are real, the complete package is not.

Andrew Nelson, an anthropology professor at the University of Western Ontario, told LiveScience that the mummy may have been built by looters out of real mummy parts, with the white coating added afterwards to hide their handy work. Other researchers agree with Nelson's assessment of the remains, with one Peruvian scientist saying he finds it "repulsive that anyone would [dare] to dehumanize deceased human bodies. You can't take away the condition of human to a human being!"

So if the body was fabricated, that means that the rock drawings of creatures with three fingers were too. Check out the Gaia report below and see what you make of this whole messy situation.

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