Video: Alien Corpse Spotted in Chinese Moon Rover Photos

Wednesday, 28 March 2018 - 10:47AM
Wednesday, 28 March 2018 - 10:47AM
Video: Alien Corpse Spotted in Chinese Moon Rover Photos
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Image credit: YouTube
Back in December 2013, China's Chang'e 3 lunar rover landed on the surface of the moon and began taking pictures of every rock and crater that it came across.

These photos have been useful in helping us to better understand the topography of the lunar surface, but now, one alien enthusiast believes he's spotted the corpse of a dead alien slumped against one of the stones.

According to YouTubers Streetcap1, one blurry photo features a humanoid alien that's wearing some kind of visor so as to obscure its face.

The video description reads as follows:

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"I felt this was interesting enough to post in view of the other anomalies found in the Chinese Chang'e 3 Lander set of photographs. All body parts are in the correct place here and the head looks like it is wearing a helmet with a visor. You can see what look like hands at the sides. Proportions are correct for shoulders as to the head etc... SC1."
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As exciting as it might be to think about the ramifications of this discovery there is a scientific explanation for Streetcap1's find: pareidolia, the process by which the human brain finds familiar patterns and shapes in random places, such as perfectly ordinary rock formations.

Searching through photos of the lunar or Martian surface is a popular pastime for alien conspiracy theorists, who are eager to find some kind of proof of life on this distant spheres.

If anyone looks hard enough at these images, it's easy to start seeing things that look like people. The human brain is deliberately wired so that we're able to recognize a human being anywhere in our surroundings.

It's clear from the comments on Streetcap1's video that a lot of people truly believe his claims about aliens living on the moon. Some comments, for example, point to the fact that there are so many "coincidences" present in these photos that it's impossible not to be at least a little suspicious.

When considering the size and scope of the moon, though, and the sheer number of rocks that exist upon its surface, it's only logical that there would be a few that look like slumped over aliens in space suits. Anyone with a digital camera and an afternoon to kill could wander into the desert or wilderness here on Earth and take some similar pictures that would be equally as compelling.

For now, we're going to have to wait for some more concrete evidence of the existence of aliens before we can start making assumptions. As popular as Streetcap1's discoveries may be, it's far from compelling evidence of alien life.

It is, however, fantastic proof that a human being can convince themselves of anything if they try hard enough.
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