Alien Researchers Say This NASA Photo Shows a Real-Life Stargate on the Moon

Wednesday, 11 April 2018 - 1:13PM
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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 - 1:13PM
Alien Researchers Say This NASA Photo Shows a Real-Life Stargate on the Moon
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Image credit: YouTube

This isn't the craziest conspiracy theory we've covered (that goes to the claim that reptilian aliens helped the Nazis during World War II), but it's still up there.


According to the YouTube Channel UFOMania, ufologists combing through NASA archives spotted what appears to be a portal on the surface of the Moon.


The photo was taken during the Apollo 17 Moon Mission, and dovetails with a previous UFOMania story about a portal from the North Pole to the Moon, described by a psychic named Lynn. If you're ready to get out your Beautiful Mind cork board and some pins, keep reading.


The UFOMania video about gate is pretty straightforward: They spotted a strange shape, enhanced it, and ran it through some filters. It's not clear whether the "graphical filters" they mention added color, but the result is a lopsided, jagged loop. From there, the video starts speculating about the nature of the portal, who created it, and interdimensional travel.

A previous UFOMania video from August 2017 drew from an interview with the owner of the Psychic Focus blog, who claimed to know details about a stargate on the Moon (though it's unclear if the location she gives synchs up with the location of the anomaly identified in the Apollo 17 photos).


She compares the stargate to a space elevator and claims that governments are using it to set up research stations on the Moon. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Opening quote

Q: Focus on this elevator to moon, can you tell me more about it?
A: I see people that look like astronauts using it. I feel like we go up there frequently using it. But I do not see us taking anything there or bringing anything back. It feels like we travel very fast through this elevator, but it is like the elevator itself pressurizes you that you do not feel the g force behind it. I will say that the one on the North Pole, now that I am honed in on it is having a man made feeling to it, and it is controlled by some kind of a magnetic field that can be turned off and on...
Q: Who controls this elevator?
A: The UN..that is weird. Ya, I feel like they dictate the when and how.
Q: Why has this not been mentioned to the public.
A: It is something about the public is not ready for it yet, they still have a lot that they need to do in research, they do not want to have to answer questions, I feel like they may entertain trying to put a colony up there, but they do not want the bombardment of it.
Closing quote

Later in the interview, the psychic claims that aliens are already present on the dark side of the Moon, but won't mess with us unless we cross into their territory.


There's no word yet if they're okay with China's planned robot Moonbase.

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