Mysterious 'Half-Human Half-Animal' Captured on Video After Mauling Dogs in Argentina

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 - 11:09AM
Wednesday, 18 April 2018 - 11:09AM
Mysterious 'Half-Human Half-Animal' Captured on Video After Mauling Dogs in Argentina
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Image credit: YouTube

El Chupacabra? Zuul? An image circulating on the internet of a dog-like creature from hell that was allegedly spotted in Argentina after having killed two large dogs is baffling scientists.


The lanky creature is definitely not human, and it is definitely not like any canine we've ever seen, but what exactly could it be?

According to reports, the thing was captured on camera in Santa Fe. Locals said it looked like a camel with a long neck and a small head, and that it was responsible for the death of a German Shepherd and a pitbull.


The creature disappeared shortly after the blurry image was captured, which has opened the floodgates for speculation and skepticism on social media. 

"It's probably a dog who has not ate in a while," said one viewer in the comment section for UFOmania's video. A few echoed the "hungry dog with mange" theory, while others dove a lot deeper with their explanations. "Well the left rear leg looks thick and strong," wrote Tim Bo.


"There no tail. The left upper arm seems very thin. The lower arms appears disproportionate long and very thin. The left front paw/hand? The looks like it's a hand turn inside, but hard to tell. The head look more feline like. Maybe a feline/canine hybrid? Need a scientist to comment. What they think." 


"I saw one of those things in Va in 2005, it was crossing a bridge and we came upon it," said another viewer. "It blew my mind because it looked at us and turned and began moving just like a kangaroo would and cleared the concrete bridge wall easily and dropped at least 15 to 20 feet. Haven't and hope I don't see it again."


But not everyone was convinced. Many have questioned why there was only one photo and no video evidence.


Several have suggested that the image is merely a Photoshopped photograph of a werewolf from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


As always, we recommend you look at the evidence and decide for yourself...and maybe avoid Sante Fe, Argentina, at night.

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