The Best And Worst April Fool's Day Stories From The World Of Science

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 - 4:04PM
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 - 4:04PM
The Best And Worst April Fool's Day Stories From The World Of Science
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It's that time of year when internet users, or at least the ones with an ounce of sense, start to regard everything with squinted eyes and a healthy amount of suspicion. Yes, April Fools day is a time when even the most respectable news agencies struggle to resist the opportunity to wind up their readers. All of this makes for 24 hours of highly frustrating and sometimes heart-breaking web-surfing as you start reading a story, get excited and then realize what day it is.   Of course many know that, when it comes to creative ways to deceive your reader base, scientists always have a few tricks up their sleeves. So if you've spent the day sheltering away from the media in an attempt to stay 'un-fooled', it's time to catch up on some of the best and worst April Fool's Day tricks from around the scientific and technological community.  

- NASA's Messenger Spacecraft has discovered a spaceship graveyard on Mercury  

- Earth Watch are launching a public expedition to search for alien life on Mars   - BMW announced that it has developed a G-Force simulator for their cars.  

- SouthWest Airlines have started up a route to Mars with a round-trip costing less than $10,000   - An image was uploaded to Reddit claiming it showed puddles of water on Mars  

- Samsung are strapping micro-routers to pigeons for wider wi-fi access   - NASA will admit to a mix-up that saw their space shuttle orbiters flying with the wrong names for 20 years  

- Morph Suit perfected light-bending technology to create an invisibility suit  

- Scientists discovered evidence of a Universe that existed before The Big Bang   - Virgin Buildings are creating a skyscraper in the shape of Virgin Galactic's SpaceshipTwo