Answers: Can You Identify All 32 World Cup Countries From Space?

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 - 3:20PM
Space Imagery
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 - 3:20PM
Answers: Can You Identify All 32 World Cup Countries From Space?
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1. CHILE - A glimpse of beautiful greenery amidst the vast Atacama Desert that spans northern Chile, as well as Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. 



2. ALGERIA - Wind and occasional rains shape these 'star dunes', distinctive to the mighty Sahara which stretches right through Algeria.




3. FRANCE - Paris, the metropole of light, glimmers all the way up to space.



4. CROATIA - Galešnjak, the tiny (yet famous) heart-shaped island off the coast of Croatia.



5. AUSTRALIA - Clearly visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest organic structure on the planet. 



6. USA - Spanning almost 300 miles of American terrain and running over 6000 feet deep, it's no wonder the Grand Canyon is such a beautiful sight from space.



7. ECUADOR - No, this isn't an abstract landscape painting, this is a false-color image of Ecuador's highlands taken by the ESA's Envisat spacecraft. 



8. GREECE - At night, Greece's popular isles appear in space as a beautiful sprinkling of light amidst the dark Mediterranean sea. 



9. IRAN - The country's largest desert, The Dasht-e Kavir, "is primarily [an] uninhabited wasteland, composed of mud and salt marshes covered with crusts of salt that protect the meager moisture from completely evaporating," says NASA.



10. BELGIUM - All roads lead to... Liege! The city's bright lights fade into the country, guided by the city's well-lit network of roadways. 



11. SPAIN - The port of Barcelona isn't the biggest in Europe, but it's certainly one of the most beautiful.



12. PORTUGAL - In cultural hotspot Lisbon, the night is never-ending.



13. JAPAN - The Island Nation is as beautiful from space as it is from the ground. 



14. SWITZERLAND - The Swiss Alps, famous for Saint Bernards, Bernese Mountain Dogs, fondue, and of course, it's snowy ski slopes. 



15. HONDURAS - The island of Roatán is the giveaway here, but did you spot Belize's Lighthouse Reef glowing turquoise at the top of the picture?



16. CAMEROON - These steep volcanic slopes are able to grow greenery seventeen million years after the formation of Monts Bamboutus.



17. BRAZIL!! - That's the Amazon river that spans our World Cup host's rain forest. 



18. MEXICO - All you Californians should know this one, it's your next-door neighbor, the Baja Peninsula!



19. ITALY - Venice, the sinking city, remains as striking from above as it is on the ground. No wonder so many pigeons flock to St. Marco's Square.



20. COSTA RICA - Green landscapes bursting with volcanoes and rainforest.



21. ARGENTINA - The Panará River marks Argentina's landscape with twists and turns. 



22. ENGLAND - England is famous for its damp winters, but in 2013, the country was gripped by an icy snowstorm.



23. URUGUAY - The massive Río de la Plata estuary joins the Panará and Uruguay rivers to the Atlantic ocean. 



24. SOUTH KOREA - The border between North and South Korea is clear, even from space.



25. COLOMBIA - One of Colombia's active volcanoes, Nevado del Ruiz.



26. NIGERIA - One of Nigeria's many oil reserves. 



27. IVORY COAST - A literal Ivory Coast due to the agricultural method of burning fields. 



28. GERMANY - The Berlin Wall has been down for twenty years, but even from space, history leaves it's mark. 



29.  GHANA - This UNESCO-protected Songor Lagoon is a prime stopping point for migratory birds from all over the world. 



30. RUSSIA - Russia's capital, Moscow, is flanked by a beautiful aurora.



31. NETHERLANDS - The tulip fields of Holland are almost as beautiful to look upon from space as they are down on the ground.



32. BOSNIA - The beautiful city capital, Saravejo, nestles between Bosnia's green mountain ranges.


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(OuterPlaces HQ's averaged about 19/32)


[credit: ESA, NASA, Chris Hadfield, Digital Globes, Europics, Google/GeoEye, PlantetObserver/Science Photo Library]

Space Imagery