This Decades-Old TV Show Predicted Current Military Technologies

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 - 3:03PM
Science of Sci-Fi
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 - 3:03PM
This Decades-Old TV Show Predicted Current Military Technologies
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Star Trek predicted the cell phone, Brave New World predicted in vitro fertilization, and Fahrenheit 451 predicted earbuds. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of examples of works of science fiction correctly anticipating future technological advancements, and now we can add the television series UFO to the list. Created in the 1960's, UFO predicted several different types of military technologies that are still considered cutting-edge today.


UFO took place in the faraway land of 1980, when aliens have come from a dying planet to secretly harvest our organs. The cast is part of a top-secret international agency called SHADO (Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation), which aims to protect Earth from the aliens. It was an unusually dark show for its time, and, according to Michael Peck of Foreign Policy, "often explored grim moral dilemmas." He wrote in a blog post that SHADO's defense weapons were essentially the same as defense military crafts used by the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps:


"HADO's Moonbase had three vertical takeoff and landing interceptors, housed in hangars deep underground... The interceptors were basically space-flying Harrier jump jets, which in 1969 were just entering service with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy and later with the U.S. Marine Corps. In fact, UFO offered glimpses of a 1980s where instead of Devo and Atari, the world enjoyed civilian tiltrotor aircraft. More than 40 years later, we indeed have the military V-22 tiltrotor and the upcoming F-35B vertical takeoff fighter for the Royal Navy and Marines Corps."


Here is a list of other UFO predictions that came true:


Spacecraft launched from an aircraft

Extensive use of computers in day-to-day life

Computers having the ability to analyze and predict human behavior

Electronic fingerprint scanning and identification against a database

Vocal analysis used to identify individuals

Space junk and the disposal of toxic waste becoming a major issue in space travel

Miniature music players


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