6 Actors Who Could Play a Grown-Up Newt in Alien 5

Today is Alien Day, and in honor of that momentous occasion, Neill Blomkamp released some concept art for a grown-up Newt, who will...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 26 April 2016 - 3:00PM

Neill Blomkamp Releases Alien 5 Concept Art Featuring Grown-Up Newt

Today is Alien Day, and in honor of that very special occasion, Neill Blomkamp released awesome concept art from his Alien 5 film. The...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 26 April 2016 - 9:53AM

There May Be Much More Heat on Europa's Icy Surface Than We Thought

Jupiter's moon Europa has long considered to be a prime candidate for the discovery of extraterrestrial life, as scientists believe...

Janey Tracey
Friday, 22 April 2016 - 1:08PM

Stephen Hawking Says We Should Hope Intelligent Alien Life Doesn't Find Us

Stephen Hawking just announced his intention to work with billionaire Yuri Milner, Mark Zuckerberg, and other prominent scientists on...

Janey Tracey
Thursday, 14 April 2016 - 11:09AM

Here's How Stephen Hawking's Interstellar Nanocraft Will Help Us Find Alien LIfe

Yesterday, Stephen Hawking and billionaire Yuri Milner announced Breakthrough Starshot, a project that aims to build tiny,...

Janey Tracey
Wednesday, 13 April 2016 - 11:21AM

Dark Horse Announces Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens Crossover Event

This sounds like the strangest, craziest crossover event of all time. Dark Horse Comics just announced a new series that combines...

Janey Tracey
Friday, 08 April 2016 - 7:13PM

Mars Basin Could Be Hiding an Ancient Biosphere

Astrobiologists might have discovered the best place to look for alien life on Mars, in the form of a region called the Argyre basin,...

Janey Tracey
Wednesday, 06 April 2016 - 12:32PM

Exoplanets with Extremely Salty Oceans May Be More Habitable Than We Thought

Scientists have discovered several small, rocky, relatively Earth-like planets within their star's Goldilocks zone that could...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 05 April 2016 - 3:29PM

Scientists Could Cloak Our Planet from Alien Civilizations Using Lasers

Humans are endlessly curious about the existence and nature of intelligent alien life, and so most of the conversation surrounding...

Janey Tracey
Thursday, 31 March 2016 - 1:10PM

SETI Expands Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life to 20,000 More Star Systems

SETI just expanded its search for intelligent aliens in a big way. Over the next two years, a new initiative will search 20,000 star...

Janey Tracey
Thursday, 31 March 2016 - 11:17AM

Alien and Aliens Are Coming Back to Theaters!

For all of you Alien fans who are disappointed that we may never see Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 in theaters, we're getting a hell of a...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 29 March 2016 - 1:36PM

Astronomers Want to Start Looking for Aliens Who Are Looking for Us

Many methods have been proposed for finding intelligent extraterrestrial life, but considering the vastness of the universe, and the...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 01 March 2016 - 2:59PM

Exomoons in the Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life: NASA Is Looking for a Real-Life Pandora

In the last few decades, astronomers have discovered over 1,000 exoplanets, but still haven't found any exomoons. Now, NASA is kicking...

Janey Tracey
Friday, 26 February 2016 - 10:17AM

Alien: Covenant Adds New Cast Members, But Still Isn't Sure if Noomi Rapace Will Be Back

Alien: Covenant is rounding out its cast, adding Empire's Jussie Smollett, The Killing's Amy Seimetz, Selma's Carmen Ejogo, and...

Janey Tracey
Thursday, 25 February 2016 - 12:14PM

Astronomers Are Getting Closer to Explaining Those Mysterious Radio Bursts from Space

Fast radio bursts were discovered by astronomers almost fifteen years ago, and yet there is still no generally accepted explanation...

Janey Tracey
Wednesday, 24 February 2016 - 2:50PM

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Finding Aliens Would Help Us Define Life

Finding alien life would undoubtedly be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time, if only because we would finally know...

Janey Tracey
Friday, 12 February 2016 - 12:24PM

Here Are the CIA's 10 Tips For Investigating UFOs

A couple weeks ago, in celebration of The X-Files' return to television, the CIA released some documents detailing a few of their many...

Johnny Brayson
Tuesday, 09 February 2016 - 6:15PM

Study Finds Earth's Probability of Being Habitable Is 82%

Astronomers from the University of Washington have devised a new habitability index, based on a planet's appearance when it's...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 09 February 2016 - 10:41AM

Ridley Scott Says Noomi Rapace Won't Return for Alien: Covenant

So, I guess we're done pretending that Alien: Covenant is a Prometheus sequel. Ridley Scott confirmed back in November that Noomi...

Janey Tracey
Monday, 01 February 2016 - 9:52AM

New Theory Suggests Life Could Evolve on Planets Orbiting Black Holes

Even though the movie Interstellar depicted the possibility of habitable planets in orbit around a black hole, it’s been a known...

Zain Charkawi
Thursday, 21 January 2016 - 9:01PM