Doctor Who

Four Doctors Unite for Supply Pod's New Exclusive Doctor Who Variant Cover

Why have one Doctor when you can have....four? A new variant cover, available exclusively from Supply Pod, unites four beloved Doctors...

Kieran Dickson
Wednesday, 31 August 2016 - 5:36PM

Steven Moffat Says Peter Capaldi Is Not Leaving Doctor Who

Ever since it was announced that showrunner Steven Moffat would depart Doctor Who after series 10, there have been pervasive rumors...

Janey Tracey
Monday, 01 August 2016 - 1:29PM

55,000 Fans Voted Doctor Who the Best Sci-Fi Show of All Time

The fans have spoken--or 55,000 of them, at least--and Doctor Who is officially the fan favorite sci-fi show. In a new poll from...

Janey Tracey
Wednesday, 06 July 2016 - 11:23AM

The First Details for Doctor Who Season 10 Have Arrived

It feels like it's been a very long off-season for Doctor Who fans, but after casting a new companion the BBC has finally released the...

Kieran Dickson
Tuesday, 14 June 2016 - 9:44AM

Peter Capaldi Says He Just Shot a Scene with Clara Oswald

Doctor Who's Clara Oswald has officially exited for the tenth season, as a new Companion was announced after the Christmas special....

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 07 June 2016 - 2:39PM

Report: Chiwetel Ejiofor Turned Down the Chance to Play Doctor Who

Since its revival, Doctor Who has seen a host of actors take up the role of the titular time lord, but many have criticized the show...

Kieran Dickson
Tuesday, 07 June 2016 - 5:52AM

Pearl Mackie is Officially the Next Companion of Doctor Who

Pearl Mackie has just been officially confirmed as an earthling named Bill, the next companion of the Doctor, during the half time of...

Zain Charkawi
Saturday, 23 April 2016 - 1:14PM

BBC to Announce New Doctor Who Companion This Weekend

After Jenna Coleman's Clara Oswald sadly left Doctor Who at the end of last season, fans have been mourning, but also wondering who...

Janey Tracey
Thursday, 21 April 2016 - 1:40PM

First Look at the Doctor Who Comics Crossover with Four Time Lords

 The Four Doctors are at it again! Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve are teaming up in a new comic to fight one of the most classic...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 19 April 2016 - 10:46AM

Matt Smith and David Tennant Want to Come Back to Doctor Who

Could we see the return of Ten and Eleven on Doctor Who? David Tennant and Matt Smith took the stage together for the first time at a...

Janey Tracey
Sunday, 17 April 2016 - 10:37AM

Rakhee Thakrar Responds to Rumors About Being the New Doctor Who Companion

Jenna Louise Coleman has been a largely beloved part of Doctor Who for the past few years. However, the show saw the departure of...

Zain Charkawi
Saturday, 09 April 2016 - 2:52PM

Peter Capaldi Has Been Asked to Stay on Doctor Who After Steven Moffat Leaves

Steven Moffat will end a long and controversial era of Doctor Who when he leaves after series 10, and many assumed that the new...

Janey Tracey
Monday, 07 March 2016 - 1:23PM

Listen to David Tennant and Catherine Tate Finally Reprising Their Doctor Who Roles

Ten and Donna are arguably the most beloved Doctor/companion combo of the new Doctor Who series, and now we finally get to hear David...

Janey Tracey
Wednesday, 02 March 2016 - 10:09AM

What's The Best Sci- Fi Weapon In the Universe?

Question: What's the best sci-fi weapon in the universe?The answer may surprise you.With the help of physicists and engineers,...

Noelle Phansalkar
Sunday, 07 February 2016 - 12:42PM

Doctor Who May Bring in a New Time Lord After Season 10

Steven Moffat announced earlier this week that he would be leaving Doctor Who after season ten, handing over the reigns to...

Janey Tracey
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 - 10:57AM

Steven Moffat Leaving Doctor Who After Series 10

Longtime showrunner Steven Moffat has officially announced his exit from Doctor Who. He will oversee this year's Christmas special and...

Janey Tracey
Friday, 22 January 2016 - 5:20PM

Review and Recap: Doctor Who’s 2015 Christmas Special Was Both Lackluster and Beautiful

The long awaited return of River Song has finally taken place in this year’s 2015 Christmas Special, and though it was found lacking...

Zain Charkawi
Saturday, 26 December 2015 - 10:47AM

The 14 Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Holiday Specials

There are a few things I've learned while creating this list. 1) Britain likes Christmas more than America. 2) Not that many sci-fi...

Janey Tracey
Thursday, 24 December 2015 - 4:07PM

Peter Capaldi Says Next Season of Doctor Who May Be His Last

In the last few episodes of this season of Doctor Who, The Doctor's beloved companion Clara (spoilers!) made the ultimate sacrifice so...

Janey Tracey
Wednesday, 23 December 2015 - 11:06AM

12 Titles for Free Comic Book Day Announced, Including Serenity, Doctor Who, and More

Free Comic Book Day is coming again this May, and it has just announced the first twelve titles, which include familiar cult...

Janey Tracey
Thursday, 10 December 2015 - 3:29PM