Thor: Dark World

Kevin Feige Tells Zachary Levi He Can Play More Than One Character in the MCU

Does this mean we'll get to see Vin Diesel play Black Bolt?

Janey Tracey
Friday, 18 September 2015 - 1:39PM

Loki Imitates Captain America In Thor 2 Deleted Scene

Thor's mischievous brother Loki has been the best thing to come out of Marvel's Asgardian adventures and this deleted scene from Thor:...

Kieran Dickson
Monday, 27 January 2014 - 10:40AM

Thor: The Dark World Review

  Very Brief Review - Alan Taylor fails to instill a sense of foreboding and threat with Malekith and his Dark Elves, but Thor: The...

Kieran Dickson
Friday, 08 November 2013 - 10:13AM

Chinese Movie Theater Mistakenly Uses Photoshopped Bromance Poster For Thor Sequel

A movie theater in China has hilariously mistaken a photoshopped version of Marvel's Thor: The Dark World poster as the real thing....

Kieran Dickson
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 - 10:39AM

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Will Meet Thor: The Dark World

Where does 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' sit within Marvel's cinematic universe? That's the question that has been asked about Joss Whedon's...

Kieran Dickson
Monday, 04 November 2013 - 9:53AM

Asgaard Attacked By Dark Elves In Thor: The Dark World Clip

If you weren't convinced that Thor: The Dark World was going to have enough action in it, watch this clip and feel very silly indeed....

Kieran Dickson
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 - 11:22AM

New Thor 2 Clip Showcases Epic Battle Scene

Yesterday we caught a glimpse of Malekith waking up and getting ready to rumble. Today we get to see what happens when Malekith's Dark...

Kieran Dickson
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 - 2:14PM

Watch Malekith In New 'Thor: The Dark World' Clip

Marvel's 'Thor: The Dark World' is released in just a few weeks, so it seems odd that we haven't seen much of the movie's chief...

Kieran Dickson
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 - 3:13PM

Thor: The Dark World Will Now Have More Loki

Director of 'Thor: The Dark World', Alan Taylor is a big fan of Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of the villainous Loki, so much so, he is...

Kieran Dickson
Thursday, 15 August 2013 - 12:53PM

Loki Is The Star In Latest 'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer

Locked up following his antics in Marvel's Avengers movie, Loki is once again the star of the show, this time in the new trailer for...

Kieran Dickson
Wednesday, 07 August 2013 - 12:19PM