10 Best Egypt Tours You Should Not Miss When Visiting – 2024 Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive 2024 guide to the top 10 Egypt tours, meticulously curated to ensure your visit to this ancient land is nothing short of spectacular. Egypt, a country where history is not just written in books but is etched in its sands, along the Nile, and within its monumental pyramids, offers experiences that are a harmonious blend of the past and the present. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a family looking to create unforgettable memories, Egypt has a tour tailored for every traveler.

From the bustling streets of Cairo to the tranquil waters of the Nile, and the mysterious tombs in the Valley of the Kings, these tours promise to immerse you in the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture, history, and landscape. As we embark on this journey through the best that Egypt has to offer in 2024, prepare to be captivated by the timeless allure and diverse experiences of this magnificent country.

1. Luxor to Aswan by Dahabeya, Blue Shadow

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Embark on an 11-day journey along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan aboard the luxurious Blue Shadow Dahabeya. This trip not only includes visits to famous sites like Karnak and the Valley of the Kings but also uncovers hidden gems such as the Gebel el-Silsila quarries and the bustling Daraw camel market. The emphasis is on experiencing local culture, with visits to riverside villages and soaking in the serene pace of life on the Nile. Enjoy traditional Egyptian hospitality and cuisine as you glide gracefully along the river. Note that the tour price does not include flights. If this is on your bucket list please visit https://egypttrippers.com/tour/10-days-round-trip-nile-cruise-and-cairo-tours/.

2. Cairo to Aswan Family Excursion, Pyramid Pioneers

This 10-day family tour begins in Cairo and concludes in Aswan. Highlights include camel rides near the pyramids, a captivating overnight sleeper train journey to Aswan, a traditional felucca ride on the Nile, and an enchanting light show at Karnak temple. The itinerary thoughtfully balances visits to historical sites with ample leisure time, ensuring an enjoyable and educational experience for all ages. The tour includes expert guides, flights, meals, and comfortable accommodations with swimming pools, perfect for family relaxation after a day of exploration.

3. Grand Egyptian Journey, Odyssey Expeditions

Experience the depth and diversity of Egypt on this comprehensive 16-day tour with Odyssey Expeditions. Starting in Cairo, the journey covers Luxor, Aswan, and includes a relaxing Nile cruise and a retreat to the Red Sea. The tour concludes in the historic city of Alexandria. Unique experiences include a homestay in a Nubian village, offering an authentic glimpse into local life. Enjoy a balance of guided excursions and ample free time for independent exploration. Please note, flights and some entry fees are additional.

4. Pharaohs’ Path, Nile Voyagers

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Enjoy a 12-day journey through Egypt’s rich history with Pharaohs’ Path. Travel from Cairo to Luxor on a comfortable sleeper train, explore ancient sites, and spend four nights cruising the Nile. The tour includes a special evening visit to the pyramids for a mesmerizing Sound and Light show. This journey is designed for comfort and historical immersion, with all meals, expert guides, and flights included, ensuring a hassle-free and enriching Egyptian adventure.

5. Ancient Egypt Family Adventure, Sahara Secrets

Create lasting family memories on this 9-day tour. Visit monumental sites like the Giza Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. Unique experiences include a night sleeping on a traditional felucca and interactions with local children in a Nubian village. This family-friendly tour balances historical site visits with opportunities for leisure and exploration, making it ideal for families seeking both education and relaxation. Flights are not included, allowing families to tailor their travel arrangements.

6. Alexandria Express, Delta Discoveries

In just three days, the Alexandria Express offers an intensive tour of Egypt’s cultural and historical highlights. Travel from Cairo to Alexandria and back, exploring the unique blend of Coptic and Islamic cultures. Enjoy a culinary tour through bustling streets, and visit awe-inspiring historical sites like Roman theatres and ancient catacombs. This compact tour is perfect for adding an extra layer of depth to a longer Egypt trip. Please note that flights are not included.

7. Nile Odyssey: From Cairo to Aswan, River Legends

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Spend 15 nights on the elegant MS Mövenpick Darakum, journeying from Cairo to Aswan. This extensive tour stops at off-the-beaten-path sites like Dendera, Abydos, and the historic city of Amarna. Leisure time is abundant, with opportunities to relax on the sun deck, absorbing the mesmerizing scenery and observing local life along the Nile. This tour offers a comprehensive Nile experience, combining relaxation with exploration.

8. Cairo & Nile Exploration, Kings of the Nile

This 8-day tour features four nights on the Sanctuary Nile Adventurer, a luxurious boat with exceptional amenities. Accompanied by expert Egyptologists, visit significant sites like the Valley of the Queens and Karnak. The tour starts and ends in Cairo, including visits to the iconic pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. This tour is perfect for those seeking a blend of luxury and historical exploration along the Nile.

9. Felucca Adventure & Red Sea Retreat, Oasis Journeys

Explore the diversity of Egypt on this 14-day tour. From the historical wonders of Cairo’s pyramids to the ancient cities of Luxor and Aswan, and the tranquil Red Sea resort of Dahab, this tour offers a comprehensive Egyptian experience. Additional activities like diving and camel treks are available for the adventurous. Note that flights and most meals are additional, allowing for personal customization.

10. Teen Dreams: Cairo, Nile & Red Sea, Adventure Awaits

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This 12-day family-friendly tour is ideal for blending cultural and historical exploration with exciting activities. Cover Cairo, the Nile valley, and the Red Sea, engaging in activities like snorkeling, water sports, camel rides, and felucca trips. The tour balances scheduled activities with free time for relaxation, making it perfect for families. Additional costs include flights, entrance fees, and guide tips, allowing for a personalized travel experience.


Egypt’s diverse tours offer something for everyone, from historical explorations to family adventures. Each tour promises a unique perspective of this ancient land, ensuring your visit to Egypt in 2024 will be an experience of a lifetime.

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