How to Get More Currency in PoE: 10 Tips at Any Stage of the Game

PoE or Path of Exile, with its intricate economy and unique currency system, offers a multitude of ways for players to amass wealth. This comprehensive guide will delve into various strategies, providing players at all levels with the knowledge they need to enhance their in-game economy.

The Essence of PoE’s Currency System

Understanding the currency system is fundamental in Path of Exile. Unlike traditional games that use a single type of currency, PoE employs a variety of items like Orbs and Scrolls, which serve dual purposes as both currency and crafting resources.

This system is intricate, where each item holds its own value and utility. A deep understanding of the worth and use of each currency type is essential for any player aiming to gain wealth in the game. Knowing when to use these items for personal gear enhancement or when to trade them for other valuable assets is a key skill that can set the groundwork for financial success in PoE.

1. Mastering Efficient Farming

PoE Farming

Farming is the cornerstone of earning currency in Path of Exile. The key to effective farming lies in choosing the right areas where you can quickly and efficiently dispatch enemies, maximizing the loot drop rate.

Certain gears and map modifications can significantly boost the quantity and quality of the drops, making some farming spots more profitable than others. Understanding which maps and areas offer the best return in terms of valuable drops is crucial.

Players should also consider the speed at which they can clear these areas, as time efficiency plays a significant role in maximizing farming profitability. Learn more about PoE currency and efficient farming strategies at PlayerAuctions.

2. Navigating the Trade Market

Trading in PoE is an intricate affair and can be a significant source of currency if navigated correctly. Mastery of tools like PoE Trade is essential for players looking to venture into this aspect of the game.

This involves identifying underpriced items and flipping them for a profit, as well as understanding the ever-changing market trends. Especially crucial is the knowledge of item values, which can vary throughout different stages of the game’s league. Successful trading requires both patience and an entrepreneurial mindset, as the market can be as volatile as it is lucrative.

3. Flipping Currency for Gains

PoE Flipping Currency for Gains

Currency flipping is a high-stakes game that involves buying specific currency types at a lower price and selling them at a higher rate. It’s a strategy that demands an in-depth understanding of PoE’s economy and current market values.

While it comes with risks, the rewards can be substantial. Players engaging in currency flipping need to stay continually updated on market trends and be ready to act swiftly on buy and sell opportunities. This approach is not for the faint-hearted but can lead to significant profits for those who master it.

4. Crafting: A Route to Riches

Crafting in PoE is not only about enhancing your gear but also a viable means of earning currency. By crafting items that are in high demand or creating rare modifications on items, players can reap substantial profits.

This requires knowledge of the current market demands and the skill to craft items that other players are willing to pay handsomely for. Players who excel in crafting can turn this skill into a lucrative business, selling their high-quality crafted goods to others in the game.

5. Exploiting the Atlas for Profit

PoE Exploiting the Atlas for Profit

The Atlas of Worlds in PoE offers players the opportunity to control their map drops, thereby influencing their potential profits. Properly shaping and using sextants on the Atlas can lead to farming maps that are more profitable.

This involves not just the value of the drops themselves but also the potential to sell the map drops to other players. Mastering the Atlas requires strategic planning and a good understanding of which maps yield the best returns.

6. The Lucrative World of Delve Farming

Delving into the Azurite Mines can be a highly profitable venture. The deeper you delve, the more valuable the finds, particularly fossils, which are coveted for crafting and can fetch high prices on the market. This method requires a balance between resource management and risk-taking, as deeper levels of the mine offer greater rewards but also present tougher challenges.

7. Boss Farming

Targeting bosses for their valuable drops is a strategy that can lead to significant gains. Certain bosses are known for dropping items or divination cards that are highly sought after in the market.

This approach requires a deep understanding of boss mechanics and a character build strong enough to take on these challenging foes. While not without risks, farming bosses can be an effective way to accumulate wealth, especially when focusing on bosses with known valuable loot tables.

8. Engaging with League Mechanics


Each new league in PoE introduces unique mechanics, often presenting fresh opportunities for profit. Engaging with these mechanics, understanding their intricacies, and leveraging them for financial gain can provide a substantial boost to a player’s currency reserves.

Staying adaptable and learning to exploit these new features quickly can give players an edge, as league mechanics tend to be most profitable when they are first introduced.

9. Crafting Benches

The crafting benches in player hideouts are a resource that can be used to generate currency. By adding specific, in-demand mods to gear, players can create items that are highly desirable in the market.

This strategy requires knowledge of current market trends and an understanding of which mods are most sought after. Crafting and selling these customized items can be a steady source of income for players who have honed their crafting skills.

10. Playing the Prophecy Market

PoE Playing the Prophecy Market

Prophecies in PoE can be a unique way to earn currency. Some prophecies lead to encounters or trigger events that result in valuable item drops. Trading in prophecies—buying them cheaply and selling or fulfilling them for profit—can be an effective strategy. This requires a knowledge of which prophecies are most valuable and a willingness to invest in the prophecy market.


Amassing currency in Path of Exile is a multifaceted endeavor that combines knowledge, strategy, and adaptability. Whether you’re just starting your journey or are a seasoned veteran, these strategies offer a roadmap to enhancing your in-game wealth. Remember, PoE’s economy is dynamic, so staying flexible and ready to embrace new opportunities is essential for continued financial success.

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